19 Incredible Pieces of Jax Teller Fan Art

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Jax Teller Fan Art – Photo Credit:

It goes without saying that Sons of Anarchy fans are an incredibly talented and diverse group of people. Here at SOA Fanatic, we’ve shown you the many amazing things that have come from SOA fans, from video compilations and tribute┬áto tattoos and body art, to powerful sketches and graphically designed images.

This post is no exception to that, as you will see in the gallery we’ve provided below. Take a look at each piece of Jax Teller inspired fan art, really look at them individually, and you will see the custom, personal touches each artist has given to Jax’s character.

Each piece of art here is a part of SOA history. We’re as excited to be involved in it as you are! Leave in the comments which one stands out the most to you!

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Jax Teller Pencil Drawing Artist Credit: Dino Tomic http://atomiccircus.deviantart.com/

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