10 Handsome Photos of Sons of Anarchy’s ‘Hopper’

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Do you remember Hopper? He appeared in Season 6 as a patch-over from SAMCRO Las Vegas, and was recruited by Bobby Munson (Mark Boone Jr.). He was portrayed by Steve Howey, who is better known for his roles as Van Montgomery in Reba and Kevin “Kev” Ball in Showtime’s hit drama, Shameless.

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of Steve Howey, even from his earlier days in Reba. As Hopper, Howey only appeared a couple of times for Season 6, and I was excited to see him join the crew. We know practically nothing about Hopper’s character, but what I do know is that Steve Howey is one hottie that can be on my TV anytime.

In SOA, Howey’s screen time was limited at best. Hopper was spooked from the SAMCRO California chapter after their clubhouse was blown up by the Irish Kings from Belfast, and decided to stop his transfer from SAMCRO in Las Vegas to SAMCRO in Charming.

I do wish he’d been given a more major and permanent part in Sons of Anarchy. Steve Howey is an incredible actor and physical comedian. Please enjoy the gallery we’ve put together for him, and in the comments, tell us if you too, wish he’d been in Sons more!

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