10 Opie Tribute Tattoos That Will Blow You Away

Opie Fan Tribute Tattoo

Opie Winston’s death was one of the most devastating character deaths of the Sons of Anarchy series. When you dedicated a huge chunk of your life to watching an entire television series, you grow emotionally attached to the characters. You become so attached to these characters that when the character dies in the show, it’s like mourning the death of a close friend.

Sons of Anarchy fans took mourning Opie Winston’s death to the extreme.  To come to terms with the loss of Opie, fans turned to inking their skin with tribute tattoos. We’ve been blown away at the amount of dedication these fans have to Ryan Hurst’s character, but it’s apparent that these uber-fans grew very close to Opie over the years.

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Check out the super-fan Opie tribute tattoo gallery below:

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