Sons of Anarchy Voted #2 Top Fan Favorite Moment of Season 1

Jax & Tara Argument – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Voted #2 Top Fan Favorite Moment from Sons of Anarchy of Season 1

An argument between Jax Teller and Tara at the hospital that changes their relationship forever. The scene takes place during the final episode of the first season title “The Revelator”.

After Tara tells Jax that she is planning on moving back to Chicago, to leave Charming for good, Jax confesses his love for Tara. Jax begins to get emotional, he tells Tara that she’s always running away when things get tough. He admits to sleeping with over 100 women over the last 10 years, which meant nothing to him. He also admits that he married Wendy not out of love, but because he was lonely.

In a weirdly romantic way, Jax tells Tara that he only sees her face when he’s sleeping with other women. He tells Tara that he thought it was “a sign” when Tara came back home, his past offering him another shot at love. They share a angry goodbye kiss and he storms away.

At the end of the episode Tara changes her mind and decides to stay in Charming. Jax and Tara share a kiss at the end of the episode at Donna’s funeral.

Watch the #2 Sons of Anarchy top favorite fan moment:

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