Sons of Anarchy Casting Auditions

Charlie Hunnam’s Audition Tape for Jax – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Can you imagine anyone else playing the roles of Jax, Gemma, or Opie? It would be so weird… they did an amazing job at casting the show. Check out this video that FX released, it includes the audition tapes for each actor in Sons of Anarchy.

In this short film executive producer and show creator Kurt Sutter and casting director Wendy O’brien share how they chose the casting for Sons of Anarchy. It includes sneak peeks at the original pilot script, the actor’s audition tapes, and interviews with the actors on how they landed their roles in Sons of Anarchy.

The casting for Sons of Anarchy includes Charlie Hunnam as “Jax Teller”, Tommy Flanagan as “Chibs”, Theo Rossi as “Juice”, Kim Coates as “Tig”, Mark Boone Jr. as “Bobby Elvis”, Maggie Siff as “Tara”, Katey Sagal as “Gemma”, Ron Perlman as “Clay”, Mitch Pileggi as “Ernest Darby”, Taylor Sheridan as “Deputy Chief David Hale”, Johnny Lewis as “Half Sack”, William Lucking as “Piney”, Ryan Hurst as “Opie”, and Sprague Grayden as “Donna”.

Kurt Sutter wrote “Gemma” for his wife Katey Sagal, so she did not audition. Her maternal instincts were enough for Kurt Sutter to know that he wanted her to play the role of the queen of SAMCRO.

Ryan Hurst Audition for Opie – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Kim Coates originally auditioned for another role (possibly Juice), but was casted as “Tig”. Kim Coates at first had no interest in playing what he calls a “sociopath”, but Kurt Sutter knew he wanted him because of his ability to combine humor, heart, and toughness.

Sprague Grayden originally auditioned for “Tara”, but Kurt Sutter gave her the role of “Donna”.

During Mark Boone’s audition for “Bobby”, they asked him to perform Elvis a cappella. I’m not sure why they didn’t include his tape in this reel, it would have been so funny to see his Elvis impersonation audition tape!

Charlie Hunnam was given the role of playing “Jax” on the spot. Kurt Sutter knew he wanted Charlie to play the role after watching the movie Green Street Hooligans. Can you imagine anyone else playing Jax?

Check out the video below to watch the audition tapes for Sons of Anarchy:

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