Lessons from Sons of Anarchy: Never Sit On Another Mans Bike


Jax and Bobby teach a wife-beating jerk to not sit on another man’s bike.

Jax and Bobby walk up on some guy sitting on Jax’s motorcycle. The guy is trying to get his girlfriend to take a photo of him sitting on the bike, but she can’t figure out how to do it. The guy is being very disrespectful to his girlfriend, calling her an “idiot”.

Jax comes up and offers to take the picture. Jax sees that the girlfriend has a busted lip and asks the guy if he gave it to her, the guy replies “bitch has a mouth on her you know…”. Jax proceeds to talk to guy about his bike. Jax snaps a photo, then hand the phone to Bobby who says “that’s before”.


Jax grabs his helmet and decks the dude in the face with it, knocking him clean off the bike and says “don’t ever sit on another man’s bike asshole”. Bobby also gets a kick in for disrespecting the girl. Jax and Bobby ride off with the girl, leaving the guy bleeding on the ground.

Watch the funny scene from Sons of Anarchy below:

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