Ladies of Anarchy: Wendy Case

wendy 2

The second in a new series, brought to you exclusively from SOA Fanatic, features the gorgeous Drea De Matteo as Wendy Case. Wendy started out as SOA’s resident drug addict, who’d been married to Jax Teller, and got impregnated to try and keep Jax has a husband.

Early on in the series, us fans were groomed to hate Wendy. She nearly took herself out early in season one, no thanks to Gemma, and battled with the needle for almost half the series. When she returns from rehab in the beginning of season four, with an entirely new calculated attitude, we finally got our chance to start loving her.

Despite her ups and downs, in the end, we learn that there’s still love between Wendy and the rest of the SOA family. We watched her form new bonds with Gemma, Tara, Jax, and even being able to tell Abel the truth that she was his mommy.

Drea De Matteo did an amazing job creating Wendy Case for us fans, here’s 13 images that show our appreciation for her work! Which ones do you like best? Let us know in the comments!

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