Ladies of Anarchy: Lyla Dvorak-Winston

Lyla & Opie Winston – Photo Source: Pinterest & Tumblr

Part four in our Ladies of Anarchy series reintroduces you to Lyla Dvorak-Winston. Lyla was portrayed by the always captivating Winter Ave Zoli. We were first introduced to Lyla in Season 2 of Sons of Anarchy, as a porn star employed at Cara Cara by Luann Delaney.

Lyla was a single mom who was quick to notice how much she had in common with Opie Winston, the Son who protected her after she was beaten by Georgie Caruso’s crew. She and Opie formed a rapid bond, and began developing their love story throughout Season 2.

During Season 3, Lyla became pregnant with Opie’s baby, and unwilling to let it affect her career, she aborts it without Opie knowing, as he was busy with SAMCRO in Belfast. Tara helps her with the abortion, and she helps Gemma while she was under house arrest, steadily earning her place as an “old lady”.

Lyla and Opie were married in the first episode Season 4, not without the disapproval of Gemma and Tara, due to Lyla’s profession. Opie promised to “treat her like his leather and ride her as much as his Harley”, though they were separated by the close of Season 4.

Winter stayed with Sons of Anarchy throughout Season 7, as Lyla moved on to raise Opie’s kids after his death and manage Diosa for Nero. She is the reason we loved Lyla, and she did an amazing job making Lyla grow as a permanent part of SOA. We’ve provided 20 images to show our love for Lyla! Are you a Lyla fan? Let us know why or why not in the comments!

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