Ladies of Anarchy: Agent June Stahl

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For the third part in our Ladies of Anarchy Series, we’ll have the chance to remember ATF Agent June Stahl, portrayed by the incredibly talented Ally Walker. We were first introduced to Stahl in season one, episode six – “AK-51″.

She was was of the more major antagonists in Sons of Anarchy, and was responsible for the deaths of two SAMCRO¬†members, as well as contributing to the kidnapping of Abel Teller at the end of season two. We also can’t forget that she murdered a gunrunner and framed Gemma Teller-Morrow for the death to make it appear nefarious.

Though Stahl was rumored to be bisexual, we’ve only seen her having an affair with Deputy Chief David Hale. She was ruthless, often making waves for SAMCRO. We didn’t truly despise her until she framed Opie for betraying the club, thus leading to the death of Opie’s wife, Donna Winston.

It takes a serious amount of talent to play the villain on television, and there’s no doubting that Ally Walker turned June Stahl into a true TV villain. We have provided 10 images as a tribute to ATF Agent June Stahl. Did you love her or hate her? Let us know why in the comments!

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