Jax Teller Character Evolution – Seasons 1-7

Jax Teller Character Evolution – Photo Credit: Pinterest

Jax Teller has transformed both mentally and physically over the past 7 seasons of Sons of Anarchy. We’ve put together a photo timeline of Jax Teller’s character evolution beginning at season 1 and ending with season 7. It’s interesting to see the his hairstyle and facial hair evolution.

In season one he’s rocking the short stubble facial hair with shoulder length golden blonde hair tucked behind his ears and a Vice President patch. In season 2 and 3 Jax starts to look more rough and rugged with his full on beard and moustache with his hair grown out past his shoulders.

For season 4 Jax cleans up well with a short buzz-cut and a trimmed up beard. It’s a completely different look for Jax Teller, but we’re loving it. Season 5-7 we see the evolution of Jax Teller’s slick-back look. In season 5, his hair is short on the top and longer on the sides and back with a well groomed beard and moustache. You’ll also notice Jax’s VP patch is now replaced with “President”.

As we finish out seasons 6 and 7, Jax keeps the slicked back gelled look and keeps shaggy facial hair. Which look was your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

Check out photos of Jax Teller’s evolution:

Season 1

Season 1
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