Early Tommy Flanagan Footage in Hero Wanted

Tommy Flanagan in Hero Wanted – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Did you know, when the first season of Sons of Anarchy was filming in 2008, that Tommy Flanagan was also filming for an American thriller movie named “Hero Wanted”? Tommy starred in the thriller alongside another one of our SOA favorites, Kim Coates, as a character named Derek.

Hero Wanted is about a man named Liam Case (Cuba Gooding Jr), who is a garbage man that sets out an elaborate plan to win over the girl of his dreams. The movie depicts all the ways Liam’s plan goes wrong, from a botched bank heist, to a sloppy murder, to a band of men trying to kill Liam in retaliation for his deeds.

Tommy Flanagan – Hero Wanted – Photo Credit: Alltube.tv

It sounds just like the kind of plot Tommy would fit right into. It’s packed full of action, drama, murder, suspense, and of course, Tommy’s delicious Scottish accent. Below, you’ll find a clip of Tommy in Hero Wanted, and while it’s hard to believe that it was filmed nearly 8 years ago, you’ll find that Tommy is just as swoon-worthy then as he is now.

Leave your comments below! Have you watched Hero Wanted? What did you think of Tommy Flanagan as Derek?

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