Clay Morrow Preaches In Jail

clay preaching 2
Sons of Anarchy – Clay Preaches In Prison – Photo Source: Pinterest

Season 6, Episode 9: “John 8:32” held one Clay Morrow scene that we’ll remember forever. This scene, in my opinion, is one of the most epic to have come from Sons of Anarchy. Clay was jailed after having been setup by SAMCRO for the murder of Damon Pope; you’re starting to remember now, aren’t you?

Clay had been in the sidelines of SOA for most of Season 6, that is, until episode 9. When we did see Clay, he had the appearance of half the man he once was. He was tired, ragged, and looked beaten, or defeated. We knew that we were in for it when we saw that infamous Ron Perlman grin.

The sermon he delivered was merely a distraction, of course, so Clay could fast track himself into the jail’s psychiatric unit, where a doctor was waiting for him to make a phone call to the Irish Kings. That doesn’t mean us fans didn’t enjoy it though.

It was classic Ron Perlman, as Kurt Sutter said in a November 2013 interview with Entertainment Weekly about the scene, “It was just so much fun to give that to Ron, because I knew he’d chew it up.”. No pun intended?

Rewatch the incredible scene below, and leave your opinions for us in the comments. Will this one stay with you forever, or did you have a different one in mind?

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