BREAKING: Sons of Anarchy Spinoff Is Finally In The Works

The Mayans – Photo Credit: Prashant Gupta / FX.

The new just broke today that Kurt Sutter is in discussions with FX about creating a Sons of Anarchy Spinoff, that focuses on the Mayans MC. At this time details are scarce, however, FX will not at this time confirm whether or not the series will be a prequel to Sons of Anarchy or not.

Entertainment Weekly released news of the spin-off this morning, saying that Sutter will executive-produce the new project, which is yet to be named. He is also apparently seeking a showrunner to handle management for the Mayans.

mayans 3
Alvarez and Jax – Photo Credit: Tumblr

The Hollywood Reporter also broke the news today, saying “The Mayans are set to ride again”, calling the new project a “potential spin-off”, and revealing that Kurt Sutter is being quite tight lipped about the project. They have stated, however, that the project is confirmed to be set around the Mayans MC, who played a key role in the original SOA.

It is currently unknown when the project may debut, as Kurt Sutter is just now readying to release his new medieval drama, The Bastard Executioner. Sutter is consumed with TBX, as he is the creator, writer, producer, director, and actor in the show.

Tell us in the comments what you think about a Sons of Anarchy Mayans spin-off! Truthfully, we’re excited about the news!

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