Before The Anarchy with Tig Trager

Before The Anarchy With Tig – Photo Credit: YouTube

Go backstage with Kim Coates who plays Tig on Sons of Anarchy.

Alexander ‘Tig’ Trager is played by Canadian actor Kim Coates. Tig now serves as Vice President of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, but was formerly Sergeant at Arms. He’s known for his strange sexual tendencies such as indecent exposure, necrophilia, and encounters with his transsexual lover Venus Van Dam.

Kim Coates gives the cameraman shooting this video a lot of crap for following him around, but boy are we glad he did. Michael Ornstein (Chucky) and Ryan Hurst (Opie) talk about Kim as ‘Tig’ and his incredible acting skills. Kim Coates gives us insight on Tig Trager’s true feelings about Chibs becoming the new Sergeant at Arms for the Sons of Anarchy during season 5.

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