22 Hilarious Sons of Anarchy E-Cards


You’ve probably seen the sarcastic e-cards floating around your Facebook newsfeed, perhaps you’ve even made a few yourself. In between episodes, seasons, and character deaths, Sons of Anarchy fans took to e-card sites like Someecards.com and Rottencards.com to express their thoughts and frustratons in the most hilarious way of all.

We’ve gathered 22 of the funniest Sons of Anarchy e-cards we could find. We’re sure you will agree that these Sons of Anarchy e-cards totally hit the nail on the head when it comes to expressing our true feelings. Feel free to email or share these e-cards with your SOA-obsessed friends and family.

Flip through 22 of the funniest Sons of Anarchy e-cards:

No 1. No Sons of Anarchy?!

No 1. No Sons of Anarchy?!
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