16 Reasons Why Tig Is Just As Sexy As The Other Sons


Alexander “Tig” Trager, portrayed by the one and only Kim Coates in FX’s Sons of Anarchy, is unforgettable at best. Tig is what we refer to as the strange one, from his questionable hook-ups, to his bizarre club-related antics.

Tig was an unusual character; though his crazy truly is what made him hot. While we never knew that much about Tig’s past, later seasons of SOA gave us a look into the softer, more gentle side of him. Plus, lets not forget those baby blue eyes of his!

We’ll never forget that Venus-Tig scene. It has impacted us in ways we never thought possible, and it will likely stay with us the rest of our lives. We got to see Tig in a sultry, emotional, unprotected state. In a matter of minutes, Tig went from a hardened outlaw to an actual person.

That scene is where we all fell in love with Tig, am I wrong? That scene alone is what changed our outlook on Tig forever. We’ve put together a gallery of 16 photos to show you that Tig is just as sexy as any other Son. Do you agree or disagree? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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