13 Steamy, Shirtless Photos of Theo Rossi

Theo Rossi as Juice – Photo Source: Pinterest

Theo Rossi, well known for his portrayal of Juan Carlo “Juice” Ortiz in in the hit motorcycle drama, Sons of Anarchy, has said it himself. He did not have nearly enough shirtless screen time in the show. Kurt Sutter himself even joked about it during the opening of Season 7 – we all remember Kurt promising more shirtless Juice in the final ride.

Juice was a different kind of gorgeous from Jax (Charlie Hunnam) or Chibs (Tommy Flanagan). He had this innocence about him. We knew he was fiercely loyal, and admit it, we all found it sexy that he was in dire need of someone to guide him. Which one of you would have been first in line to show Juice the way?

The only way we can describe Juice, is the “good” bad-boy. He was the member of an outlaw motorcycle gang, but much like Jax (in the beginning), he wanted no blood to be shed, and did not want to be a part of killing anyone. When the time came for him to kill, Juice couldn’t take the heat. Seriously, we can, because that’s hot.

Juice is the incredibly hot Son that nobody seems to give enough credit to. Today, we’re giving you 13 steamy photos of Theo Rossi without his shirt, to show you the sexiness you may be missing out on. Tell us in the comments, how hot you think Theo Rossi is. Which of these photos gets your heart beating a little faster?

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