Tig Reassures Venus

Tig and Venus
Tig and Venus
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Season 7, Episode 10: Faith and Despondency

The transsexual Venus Van Dam (played by Walton Goggins of The Shield and Justified) was first seen in Season 5. She immediately caught Tig’s eye. There relationship slowed down a few episodes later and then started up again in Season 7.

In the final Season Venus confesses that she is in love with Tig but knows that it would be a problem in his biker culture. He tells Venus that he is willing to keep their relationship going no matter what the cost.

This is arguably the most tender moment we have seen from Tig in the entire series.

I think the series was on a mission to break all the rules in the final Season. First they allow an African American into the club and next the accept Tig’s relationship with a transsexual.

Kim Coates did an amazing job in these scenes.