The Bastard Executioner Teaser ‘Kneel’ – Kurt Sutter’s New Series

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

He ripped our hearts out with Sons of Anarchy, so brace yourself for what’s to come from Kurt Sutter’s new project, The Bastard Executioner.

In the newest teaser released for the FX series, the blade of a sword stabs the ground as a knight falls to his knees in front of a red neon cross. The camera view changes and he is seen bowing to the the cross while holding his sword in front of him. Behind the knight is a wooden wall decorated with swords, axes, scythes, and many other medieval weapons.

Production for the Bastard Executioner is now underway in Wales, United Kingdom. The cast includes up and coming actor Lee Jones,  Kurt Sutter himself (Otto – Sons of Anarchy), Kurt Sutter’s wife Katey Sagal (Gemma – Sons of Anarchy), Timothy Murphy (Galen – Sons of Anarchy, and Stephen Moyer (Bill – True Blood), just to name a few. The pilot is set to air Fall 2015 on FX.

Watch The Bastard Executioner teaser ‘Kneel’ below:

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