Sons of Anarchy’s Theo Rossi Is A Street Dog Defender (And He Always Finishes His Pie)

Photo Credit: Tumblr & Youtube Screenshot

Theo Rossi is known for his role of the rough and tough Juice Ortiz on Sons of Anarchy, but the Staten Island actor has a huge heart for animals.He’s a proud parent of three rescue street dogs, a husky named Rocco and two pit bulls Sasha and Benny. Theo has teamed up with Human Society International and The Human Society of the United States to bring attention to the horrible treatment of stray street dogs. The Human Society helps improve the lives of these animals by providing spay/neuter surgeries, vaccination services, and educating the public. With Theo Rossi’s campaign “Street Dog Defender”, he hopes to spread awareness and make a difference in the lives of street dogs around the world.

To help support his campaign, Theo Rossi has designed an exclusive Sons of Anarchy inspired t-shirt for his fans. The coolest part is a portion of the proceeds goes to Human Society International’s “Street Dog Defender” campaign.

Check out Theo’s awesome “Always Finish Your Pie!” T-shirt:


Photo Credit: Humane Society International

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