Sons of Anarchy “Jesus” Compilation

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Have you ever noticed how many times the words “Jesus Christ”, “Jesus”, or “Christ” have been said on Sons of Anarchy? Some fans turned it into a Sons of Anarchy watch party drinking game, but one extreme Sons of Anarchy fan rewatched the entire series to count how many times it’s been said each season. I’m not exactly sure if the fan took into account the saying of the two words separately or all together, but the total amount of times counted was 244.

Here’s the breakdown for each season:

Season 1 – 42 Times
Season 2 – 39 Times
Season 3 – 29 Times
Season 4 – 34 Times
Season 5 – 33 Times
Season 6 – 34 Times
Season 7 – 33 Times

Total Count: 244 Times “Jesus Christ” was said on Sons of Anarchy Season 1-7

Check out the hilarious Sons of Anarchy “Jesus Christ” Compilation below:

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