Sons of Anarchy’s Funniest Moments

Juice Humor
Photo Credit: Youtube Screenshot

If you’re still recovering from having your heart ripped out and stomped on by the season finale of Sons of Anarchy, you may be in dire need of a good laugh. Here’s a compilation of some of the funniest scenes and quotes from seasons 1-7 of Sons of Anarchy.

These funny clips will help you remember the good times, you know, the ones you cherished so much before Kurt Sutter crashed them into a semi-truck. Seriously though, I think Chibs and Happy have the best lines out of all of the guys.

The only thing that is really throwing me off about this video is the weird music. Who the hell combines Sons of Anarchy’s most badass scenes to a One Direction song? Trust me, I didn’t realize this until I read the comments. Even though the music sucks the clips are so worth it. Let’s take a moment (precisely 2 minutes and 21 seconds) to remember the laughs because Tuesday nights will never be the same.

What was your favorite quote from Sons of Anarchy? Watch the compilation below and tell us in the comments:

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