Ryan Hurst Shares His Feeling About Piney Death Scene


Ryan Hurst shares his feeling about death scene.

One of the more dramatic scenes for Ryan Hurst was when he found his father (Piney) dead in the cabin.

Ryan Hurst shares what it was like for him to experience those scenes.

Hurst says this was really rough for him because him and Piney, played by Bill Lucking, became ridiculously close and doing the scene was beyond emotional.

Hurst also shares a somewhat funny side note about this scene in that he forgot to tell his father (American actor Rick Hurst) about the specifics of the episode. Rick Hurst watched the scene unprepared and was also emotionally torn watching his son grieve over finding his on screen father dead.

What seems like an unpleasant situation for Hurst is actually what an actor wants.

Hurst: These are the emotions that you pray for as an actor. You don’t want to show up every day and say Hey, everything is fine and dandy. I loved it.