Ryan Hurst Behind the Ink of Sons of Anarchy – Opie’s Tattoos

Photo credit: Youtube screenshot
Photo credit: Youtube screenshot

Ryan Hurst is an American actor best known for his portrayal of Opie Winston on the hit television show Sons of Anarchy.

When Ryan was told that the character has lots of tattoos he took this extremely seriously. Within 7-days he contacted some tattoo artists and designed some tattoos for his character. He did this all independent of the show producers. He even paid for the designs. On the day of the shooting he put the tattoos on and got Kurt’s approval. Check out the video below to hear how Ryan Hurst came up with Opie’s tattoos.


Opie has several tattoos including the Sons of Anarchy Reaper on his back, “Only God Will Judge Me” in Latin on his forearm, a reaper on the middle of his chest, text across his collarbones that reads “The center cannot hold. Anarchy is the only hope”, a skull and cross bones on his side, a Redwood Originals tattoo on one shoulder and his wife, Donna, on his other shoulder.

Ryan Hurst’s favorite tattoo is his Redwood Original tattoo on his right shoulder. It consists a reaper and snake under a tree with “Redwood Originals” carved in the bark.

After Opie’s wife Donna was killed, Ryan Hurst requested to add angel wings to his Donna shoulder tattoo.

Jax and Opie are the only ones to have the Sons of Anarchy Reaper tattooed on their back.

In this video Ryan shares the behind the scenes story of his tattoo selection on the show.

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