Piney & Opie Tribute

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Piermont “Piney” Winston, played by actor Bill Lucking, was a founding member of Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, a member of the First 9, and SAMCRO’s oldest member. He was the father of patched club member Opie Winston. Piney served as a Ranger during the Vietnam War and became very close friends with the club’s founder John Teller.

Piney served as Vice President even after John Teller’s death until Jax Teller was old enough to take his place. Piney never trusted Clay as the club’s new president. Piney was diagnosed with emphysema, which forced him to carry an oxygen tank around and greatly slowed his involvement with the club, but he always attended club meetings. In season 4 Clay shoots Piney when he confronts him about John Teller’s letters which suggested that Clay planned on killing the club members long ago. It was a very horrific, but memorable scene that has made it’s way to the top of our “Most Intense “OMG” Scenes in Sons of Anarchy” list.

“We all do damage. Character is determined by how we repair it.” – Piney to Jax

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Piney’s son Harry “Opie” Winston is Jax Teller’s best friend. Opie was portrayed by American actor Ryan Hurst. Opie was a father of two children and widowed when his wife Donna was accidentally shot by Tig. Opie rushed and remarried Lyla, a pornstar at Cara Cara, but their relationship was ruined because he could not let go of his feelings for Donna. In season 5 Opie was brutally murdered in prison after being hit in the head with a metal pipe. Opie’s death was another powerfully and gruesome scene that landed on our “Most Intense “OMG” Scenes in Sons of Anarchy” list.

“I got this…” – Opie Winston’s Last Words

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Ryan Hurst (Opie) recalls the emotional day when his father (Piney) dead in the cabin. Hurst says it was really rough day on set for him because Bill Lucking (Piney) had become really close friends while working together on Sons of Anarchy. Although it was hard on him, he was thankful for the experience. “These are the emotions that you pray for as an actor. You don’t want to show up every day and say ‘hey, everything is fine and dandy.’ I loved it.” – Ryan Hurst

Unfortunately, we always lose in good ones Sons of Anarchy. Piney and Opie were good men with (somewhat) good morals and never turned their backs on the club. You could say Piney was the club’s moral compass, he held on to the club’s original values. Here’s a wonderful tribute to both Piney and Opie Winston:

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