Jax & Tara Tribute (MUST SEE)

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Jax and Tara’s relationship began as high-school sweethearts. In Season 1 Tara works as a pediatric resident at the Charming hospital and is a physician attending to Jax’s gravely ill infant son Able.

They quickly become closer when Tara enlists Jax to help with a psychotic ex-boyfriend, Agent Kohn. Their relationship become extremely close when Jax shoots Kohn in the head and kills him.

By Season 2 Jax and Tara are officially a couple. Tar is now Jax’s “old lady”. She is now becoming more integrated into the club’s world.

In Season 3 the loss of Abel drives a wedge between Jax and Tara. They eventually break up and Jax has an affair with CaraCara porn star, Ima (played by Kristen Renton).

By the end of Season 3 it come out that Tara is pregnant. Tara has the baby between Season 3 and Season 4 and presents Jax with his new son Thomas during a prison visit.

Season 4: Jax is released from jail and immediately proposes to Tara. But Tara is growing more concerned about her involvement with the club. Tara also learns about some club secrets that if revealed could cause problems in the club. Clay in turn tries to assassinate Tara but Jax saves her.

Season 5: Tara return but has an injured hand from the attempted assassination. She continues to support Jax as president. Tara has her own problems when she is put under investigation as an accessory to Otto’s brutal murder of a prison nurse.

The season ends with Tara getting arrested for conspiracy to commit murder.

Season 6: Jax cheats on Tara with Colette Jane (escort) while she is in prison. As the season progresses Gemma is plotting to put an end to Tara’s plans of taking her grandchildren away from Charming. In a drunken stoned fit of rage Gemma kills Tara with a barbecue fork.

Jax discovers Tara in a pool of blood and begins his quest to avenge her murder.