Jax and Wendy Tribute

jax and wendy 620

Photo credit: Youtube screenshot

Jax’s first wife an the mother of his first child Abel, Wendy Teller, is played by Drea de Matteo. She is best know for her role in the hit HBO Series, The Sopranos.

Wendy is a meth addict in the first season. She then disappears for a few seasons. Upon her return she is clean from drugs, into women, and wanting to re-enter into Abel’s life. Jax and Tara want no part of this plan. But that does not stop Wendy.

Rolling Stone Magazine calls the scene where Jax injected Wendy with heroin on of the 20 Best Moments of Sons of Anarchy.

Jax finally tells Able that Wendy was his first Mommy. In the second to last episode Jax actually sleeps with Wendy one more time.

I think we are correct to assume that Wendy and Nero end up together and live on his farm raising Abel.

Enjoy the tribute. I know there are Wendy haters out there but please try and control yourself.

What did you think of Jax and Wendy as a couple. Could it have worked out? Leave your thoughts in the comments.