Happy Lowman Sons of Anarchy Tribute

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Happy Lowman is played by David Labrava, a real member of Hells Angels. If you’ve ever wondered about his tattoos… yes they are real. This guy is literally covered from his head (seriously, check out his head tattoo) to his toes in tattoos. He’s one BAMF in real life too, but he’s got a huge soft spot for his fans and Pit Bull dogs.

His character Happy is an enforcer for the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. If the club wants to take someone out, they call “Hap” to get it done. He seems to get some joy out of killing people, I swear it’s the only time you ever see me actually smile. He even has a happy face tattooed on him every time he kills someone. He’s sick and twisted, but that’s why we love him! So here’s one for all of you Happy fans…

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