Charlie Hunnam Confronts a Burglar


Image Source: Screen Shot / YouTube / Charlie Hunnam on Conan O’Brien.

Charlie recalls the time he had to deal with a burglar at home. Hunnam did not call the police and decided to confront the burglar alone.

The first time this happened he used a baseball bat, that he hides under his bed, to confront the intruder.

Make sure and watch to at least 2:01 in the video to hear the dialogue between Charlie and the burglar.

Since the incident Hunnam has purchased more weapons to keep one in each room. His collection now includes a hatchet, a samurai sword and a machete.

The second time this happened Charlie used the machete and this was enough to scare the robber away without any further confrontation.

BTW: Charlie Hunnam has a cat.

If you want to break into Charlie Hunnam’s place please be aware that he has weapons in every room.