Behind the Scenes of SOA (Ima and Lyla)

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Photo credit: Youtube screenshot

Ima Tite, played by Kristen Renton, plays a porn star on Sons of Anarchy that is infatuated with Jax Teller. Ima’s first apperance on the show was in Season 2.

In season 3 Ima has an affair with Jax after the Jax and Tara breakup. Then in Season 4, when Opie is depressed about Lyla not being ready for having kids, Ima has an affair with him. Ima eventually finds herself comfronting Lyla and pulling a gun on her. Big mistake.

Gemma tells Jax about the incident and Jax quickly goes into action. In what it probably one of the most realistic and groom some scenes of violence, Jax slams Ima’s head into a vanity, chokes her and spits in her bloody face. It is an insane and wild ride of violence that makes you pause.

Sure there has been lots of violence on SOA but for me this ranks near the top of “Oh My Gosh” moments.

Lyla Winston, played by Luann Delaney, plays a porn star and eventually marries Opie.

Watch the video and learn about these two actors favorite scenes.