Before The Anarchy with David Labrava


Photo credit: Youtube screenshot / David Labrava before the Anarchy.

David Labrava is an American actor, tattoo artist and a member of the Hells Angelss. He is a practicing Buddhist.

Labrava was originally hired as a technical advisor for Sons of Anarchy and was later cast as Happy. He has had an involvement in the show since its inception in 2008 until the finale in 2014.

Watch as David gives you a behind the scenes look at the SOA set. Each member of the cast shares their feelings about Labrava.

David’s nickname on the set is Liftoff because of his personality. Apparently he goes from calm to out of control intense in seconds.

He plays such a tough guy on the show but in real life he is more of a lovable surfer.

Labrava is originally from Miami, Florida but now lives full-time in Oakland, California.