9 Awards Charlie Hunnam’s Abs Should Win

Photo Credit: Tumblr

From his bad boy character on Sons of Anarchy to his battle-ready body in Pacific Rim, Charlie’s abs are ready for any role. To pay tribute to Charlie’s mouth-watering abs, PopSugarTV awarded Charlie’s abs with the following categories:

1.) Best Abs In A Haystack

2.) Abs Most Likely To Get You Stopped In The Street

3.) The Cleanest Abs In Hollywood

4.) Hottest Abs Behind Bars

5.) Best Abs To Lie Under (Who wouldn’t want to lie under that!)

6.) Best Abs Barely Contained By A Shirt

7.) Greatest Abs To Almost Escape From A Blanket

8.) Most Fun Abs To Just Hang Out With

9.) Best Abs To Spend The Night With (Yes please!)

Check out the video below to see Charlie’s abs in action:

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