19 Most Intense “OMG” Scenes in Sons of Anarchy

Photo credit: Youtube screenshot
Photo credit: Youtube screenshot

*** MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD *** This was tough because there are so many intense scenes in the seven seasons of SOA. I ignored all the mass killing scenes from the list because they really aren’t that personal or realistic.

The most common element to make the list was when a regular character was killed. This just seems so unexpected.

If I missed something or your feel something does not belong on the list please leave a comment. This list is in no particular order.

19 Most Horrific, Make You Sit Back and Say “OMG”, Things that Happened on SOA

1. Clay kills Piney
2. Opie Shoots Clay
3. Damon Pope burns Tig’s daughter alive
4. Opie Kills Agent Stahl
5. Jax kills Tara’s ex-boyfriend Agent Kohn and has sex with Tara in front of corpse (my favorite)
6. Jax Double-Crosses Damon Pope
7. Jax beats Ima to a bloody pulp
8. Otto Kills the nurse in prison
9. Otto bites off his tongue
10. Half Sack gets stabbed to death
11. Juice kills Miles
12. Jax kills Clay
13. Jax kills Gemma
14. Gemma kills Tara
15. Jax kills Unser
16. Tig kills Donna
17. Opie gets killed in prison
18. Juice gets killed in prison
19. Jax kills prison guard to avenge Opie’s death

Number 5 was a turning point for me in the show. I realized that anything goes once I watched this scene. Number 19 I think was the most gruesome . I knew it was coming but the brutality was something else. Jax used a snowy globe as the murder weapon.

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  1. […] In season 5 Opie was brutally murdered at the San Joaquin County Correctional Facility after being hit in the head with a metal pipe. He actually turns himself into a martyr to save his brothers in the club. Opie’s death was a powerfully and gruesome scene that landed on our “Most Intense “OMG” Scenes in Sons of Anarchy” list. […]