Sons of Anarchy Ryan Hurst Shaves His Beard

Charlie Hunnam Shaves Ryan Hurst’s Beard – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Opie Winston was a member of the Sons of Anarchy MC on the hit television show Sons of Anarchy. His father on the show was Piney who was also a member of the club and one of the first 9.

Opie’s best friend is the president of the club – Jax Teller. Jax’s character is played by Charlie Hunnam.

This does not have a happy ending though. Opie gets killed in prison (San Joaquin County Correctional Facility). He actually turns himself into a martyr to save his brothers in the club.

Show creator Kurt Sutter admits that he always had plans to kill Opie off the show. He actually delayed the decision into a later season.

This video show the emotional goodbye from Charlie Hunnam and Mark Boone to Ryan Hurst and his portrayal of Opie Winston. It’s an extremely emotional moment and these actors have a hard time keeping it together. Tears were shed.

This is real behind the scenes footage and I’m glad they decided to share it with the fans of Sons of Anarchy.



  1. I love SOA. I’m on 6 season and dreading the end. There will never be another like it I enjoy everything about this including the music. I will always be a fan of everyone and everything about SOA

  2. I love that show cried many times I felt like I could relate completely with it. I’m still so said it’s over. I have them all on dvd and watch them from start to finish once a year. Miss you guys.

  3. Love this show! It’s so sweet how close they all are. I miss it terribly, but that’s why I bought the Dvds. Never without!

  4. Yeah if u were even a lukewarm fan of this show and didn’t get/feel emotional after seeing this, there is something wrong with you! Best show ever don’t know how I’m surviving..can’t wait til The First 9 the Sutter Prequel to SOA! #LONGLIVESOA #SOAFANSFX

  5. Best show ever!!…love those 2…I got emotional seeing them cry wish the show would’ve had ended..😢😢

  6. SOA! I love you guys the show was the most amazing show I’ve ever watched! The closeness the brotherhood they share is what family is all about!! Best wishes to all of you!!

  7. I too miss this show…the love they had for eachother and family …this video also made me tear up…miss this show…and yes there will never be another and if they try and make something like this…it will so not compare to S.O.A …love u guys still……


  9. This was /still is my favorite show. I miss it every week…It was good to see the guys together, but sad to see Opie loosing his beard..Sure wish the show never ended.. They all live on in my eyes/heart!

  10. I lived in this type of family during my 20’s and 30’s and would not change any friendship I ever had in my family. SOA was a great reminder of what I had and the way I lived my life for my friends! I sure wish the show was still on! There will never be another show like it! LOVE YOU SOA!

  11. This Show was Epic! And I agree they can’t make another show this badass although hate the way they ended it or the fact that they killed Opie off so early In the show or what happens to juice but it’s still awesome.

  12. I think it is awesome how emotional the guys get. U can really tell they were close. I can’t help but tear up everytime I see this video. Love SOA!!

  13. Best show ever, and one of the greatest friendship i ever seen on tv….. SOA will never be another show like it