Opie and Lyla

opie and lyla 450
Opie & Lyla – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Lyla began as a porn star working at Cara Cara. In Season 2 she and Opie began to grow close. Both Lyla and Opie are single parents so there is a natural connection between the two.

Gemma and Tara initially did not approve of the relationship because of Lyla occupation as a porn star. By the end of Season 2 Opie learns that truth about his wife Donna and was driven into the arms of Lyla.

In Season 3 Lyla discovers she is pregnant and Tara takes her to the clinic to have an abortion. Opie is in Ireland at the time and has not say in the decision to abort. By the end of the season Opie and Lyla announce their engagement.

The Season 4 premiere episode starts with the Opie and Lyla wedding, which was also used as a cover to retaliate against the Russians. Toward the middle of the season Opie learns that Lyla has been lying to him about taking birth control pills. Opie then sleeps with Ima and Lyla finds out and admits to having the abortion. They later agree that their marriage is over.

Season 5 find Opie heading to prison. Opie asks Lyla to take care of his kids (Kenny and Ellie). But, Opie is killed in prison by inmates. Lyla is now taking care of three kids alone but gets plenty of support from the club.

Opie and Lyla were such a cute couple. I just think he can’t let go of his love for Donna.