Gemma Teller Morrow… One Bad B***h

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Such a great compilation of some of the best Gemma scenes and quotes from Sons of Anarchy.

Here a little background if you don’t watch Sons of Anarchy.

Gemma is a native of Charming, California. She married John Teller, the founder of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club. She had two children one of which was Jax Teller.

Gemma is the matriarch of the Sons of Anarchy. She is extremely protective and will even kill to protect her family and loved ones.

In the last season Gemma goes to far and murders her son’s wife in an attempt to protect her grandchildren. It was one scene we will never forget and it completely changed our view on kitchen utensils.

Gemma With Her Weapon of Choice – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

She tries to cover up the murder and ends up causing many more unnecessary violent crimes.

In the end her son Jax puts all the pieces together and figures out that she murdered his wife and made up a story to cover her tracks.

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