Charlie Hunnam Strips Down and Opens Up About Life After ‘Anarchy’

He plays motorcycle gang boss Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy, but in real life, Charlie Hunnam is anything but a bad boy.

Charlie shares that his favorite kind of day is: “staying at home, spending some time in the garden, cook a couple of nice meals and watch a couple of movies. I’m pretty boring.”

How does Huunam stay in shape? Here is his workout routine:

1. 75 dips
2. 75 pull ups
3. 150 push ups
4. 150 squats
5. 20 minutes of abs
6. Back extensions

What’s next now that Sons of Anarchy is over? Charlie will be playing King Arthur in Guy Ritchie’s movie Knights of the Roundtable. This project has an expected release date of July 2016.

Charlie is also involved in representing Calvin Klein’s new fragrance, Reveal.