Charlie Hunnam Calvin Klein Commercial


Alright, we didn’t get Charlie as Christian Grey but at least we got this.

Charlie Hunnam is best know for playing Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy and being the original cast choice for Christian Grey, before bowing out and letting Jamie Dornan take over.

The campaign matches up Charlie Hunnam with Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes in this commercial for Calvin Klein’s fragrance, Reveal.

Charlie admitted to Details magazine that shooting the television commercial was fun and easy because of his acting experience. But, he found the actual still photos difficult. Working alongside veteran model Doutzen made him feel a little self conscious being the rookie of the team. He claims that he watched her and tried to replicate what she was doing.

When asked how he liked the cologne at the time of the shoot Charlie had to admit that the he had never tried the cologne because the product had not even been created. Since then Charlie has tried to fragrance and says he really likes it.



  1. jaxs looks amazing all cleaned up but I like him ruff and dirty like he just finished work purrrr #iwantjaxs

  2. Omg makes me wanna rush out and by it!!! Even better if he would deliver it like that too me….I would order a case a day hehehe