Sons of Anarchy Fan Receives Message From Netflix


Video-streaming service Netflix reportedly checked in on local customer Shane Fowler late Tuesday after a marathon viewing session in which the 31-year-old watched an entire season of the TV series ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ in one sitting.

“Hey, bud, just wanted to make sure everything’s all right over there. You doing okay?” read an e-mail Fowler received after he finished watching more than a dozen consecutive 45-minute episodes of the FX motorcycle gang drama.

“We noticed you’ve kind of been burning through a lot of shows lately, and we just thought we’d check to see if everything’s all right at work and at home and what not. As long as you’re good, we’ll get out of your hair, but if there’s ever anything you need, let us know, okay? Cool.”

This is a mock report produced by faux news site “The Onion.” Pretty funny though, right?



  1. I’ve got him beat, I watched 91 episodes in a row, that’s 7 seasons with 13 episodes each. currently going thru them again. I’m at season 5 episode 8. Watching just one season is for light weights, watching it all I’m proud to say is hard core. And this probably won’t be the last time I watch it.

    Happy Trails
    Anne Kirchner