Theo Rossi Explains Sons of Anarchy in 30 Seconds

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Photo credit: Youtube screencapture

The actor who plays Juice on Sons of Anarchy explains the entire show in 30 seconds.

Here it is:

The writer of The Shield created a Hamlet theme motorcycle show starring the guy from Green Street Hooligans. His parents were Hell Boy and the woman from Married with Children.

His right hand man is the guy from Waterworld. He killed by mistake the girl from Jericho who is married to the guy from Remember the Titans.

Part of the club is the guy from Batman Begins and Braveheart and the guy from Coal Fields is a complete disaster.

The girl from the Sopranos used to be with the guy from Green Street Hooligans and then with the girl from Mad Men and she get murdered viciously by Peg Bundy.

He says this all rather quickly so I might have made a few mistakes in the text. Anyway… it’s hilarious when you hear it like this.

Thank you Theo Rossi for this concise yet confusing explanation.

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  1. WOW!!!! That was tight lol just like your buns hun. I love you I think you sure squeezed all the Juice out in your 30sec recap. Lol its conFIRMed you know the get down. Thank you loved it=}

  2. What a hell of a way to connect everybody! It’s like the “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon”, but much cooler!