Sons of Anarchy Gets ‘Smoked Out’ on Ellen

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In honor of the Great American Smokeout, Ellen replaced some of the smoking in the hit show “Sons of Anarchy.”

I don’t agree with Ellen that it is Hollywood’s responsibility to set the moral high ground when it comes to smoking.

The production of movies and television shows is an art form, not a platform for public service announcements. If movies and television shows only did nice things it would be an a boring pallet of things to write about. Smoking is part of the culture of MC culture. To not show this would not be accurate. Shows go to great length to be authentic. Removing bad habits that are part of the culture would be wrong.

To try and force producers to remove smoking from their films is censorship. I hate smoking but I love television and movies and I don’t want anyone to influence what I can and can’t see in my content.

Anyway… here is a fun clip of SOA and what it would look like if all the cigarettes were replaced with party horns.

They should do the same thing for Mad Men.

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  1. We have to stop this culture of people getting offended an expect us to give a shit….the titty baby’s in this world have become to much . jesus! It’s a joke not a dick,don’t take it so hard

  2. Do this for Mad Men, please. Would look like new year’s eve party!! Love it, so funny!!

  3. Was that today??
    I swear some ppl are way too much , it was all in fun. Come on ppl lighten up some, sheesh!!! Take a chill pill……

  4. Wow you people are pathetic, it’s called humor, it was all meant to be funny and that’s exactly what it was ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!!

  5. I know its a joke, but blowing your smoke to Canada? We already have to deal with the inconsiderate smokers here when we walk down the street. We don’t need more smoke from our neighbors. Seriously!

    1. I bet you feel REAL big commenting that, don’t you? I’m not gay but you’re a real fucking ass for that. Smoking is a choice people make everyday, just like I do. People don’t choose to be gay. They’re born that way.

  6. I love son’s of anarchy I had my gf Debra Druckemiller make me a wealth from the show. Is awesome

  7. SOA is a biker club…what are they suppose to do? Snack on carrot sticks?? Live and let live people…EVERYBODY knows the risks of smoking. If people choose to do it anyway, than thats the risk they take, but one thing I can’t stand is people who do it and blatt when they find out they have some health crisis caused by it. You usually die by the devil you live by.

  8. Stop being so sensitive people. There was an excessive amount of smoking on SOA- to the point I was appalled – and yes, I use to smoke. WHO CARES! It was to be funny people.. Funny!!

  9. I love your show Ellen but this is nonsense get over it some people like to smoke if you don’t want to see it then don’t look at it

  10. Well Ellen you can blow the smoke into Canada but remember we are the nice guys. You don’t want to tick of the nice guys.

    1. Come on Canadians….please. Ellen=comedian=one who often makes jokes.
      “Don’t want to tick us off,” little extreme for such “nice guys” dont ya think? Might want to find a different show if a COMEDIAN talk show host upsets you to the point of writing for doing what she does…making jokes. She’s an equal opportunist in picking Americans, which she does poke FUN at a lot, races, lesbian, gay…in doing her job….making people laugh! (In spirit of Chris Crocker) Leave Ellen alone! Leave her alooonnnne!!

    2. I don’t think she meant anything against Canada. I think she just meant that it was “Smoke Out” in the U.S. so if you wanted to smoke you’d have to blow the smoke over the border were it wasn’t “Smoke Out” day. Kind of like when your in a no smoking house and you try to get away with it by blowing it out a window.

  11. I used to work until about 2 months ago my dad was diagnosed first with emphysema. which made me decide that i did not want to end up that way so i quit. 2 weeks after i quit, he was diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer. He has gone through 2 sets of chemo and has more to come, plus they will add radiation to it. Doctors give my dad about a year to live, but Im not sure if he’ll last that long due to the fact that he has been smoking for over 40 years and even though he’s fighting for his life, he is still smoking. I ask whomever reads this, that you give a little prayer for my dad. He is my rock and I can’t imagine my life without him. I have a 4 year old son and an 8 year old daughter that love him to death and i would hate to have to explain to them about their grandpa if that time comes.
    Thanks for hearing me cry for a minute.
    Sincerely, Brittiny Swenson-Byington

      1. I stopped after 40 years. It’s been 2 years since I stopped. I don’t use the word “quit” because the temptation is there every day. Wish I never started. i realized I don’t want to put my adult children in the very same position you are in. It’s unfair, but life is all about lessons. As much as your children love your Dad, they need you even more. Prayers of strength and comfort for you Brittiny.

    1. Sorry to hear about your dad! Terrible news for anyone to hear! I hope he survives longer than what the doctors have said so you and your family get to make more happy memories with him. Thinking of you all at this time, sending love to you all. X

    2. Hi sweetie, I am also a smoker and have tried numerous times to quit, its incredibly hard. I started when I was 14 and I’m 40 now. I will be praying for your dad :)