Sons of Anarchy Fans React To Finale Episodes


I’ll admit it… I shed a few tears during the final season of Sons of Anarchy. These die-hard Sons of Anarchy fans are having crazy meltdowns! Watch the intense emotional reactions to Sons of Anarchy’s most shocking moments during the finale season.

Can you relate to these emotional reactions? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I watched all seasons and thought the final season was awesome, and when they go to belfast. But I never she’d one tear, I laughed at all these videos. I don’t how someone can cry at a TV show, u people need to get out more….good luck with kirk Sutter next show…

  2. Kirk Sutter took us on an incredible 7 year journey. Although I have questions still about certain things, I think it was one of the best written shows I have seen in a long time. My Tuesday nioghts will be a little less crazy, waiting for the “new” episodes. Thankfully, I have and can get all the seasons and watch anytime. Thank you Kirk and all the actors/actresses for a wonderful, awesome show. You will be missed!

  3. I have followed this show since episode one and I am a huge fan , but I was disappointed with the cinamtography of the final scene sutter could have filmed it so much better. The emotional co rent and story ending were great but the way he fimed it really ruined it for me, just my opinion but had to say it

  4. I was so filled with anticipation of the final episode. it did not disappoint! the tears were coming and I did not even pick up on what was laying in the road with the birds…I had to watch it a second time to pick it up….. I really loved this show. it was fanatical… kurt sutter is quite the story teller! and who would have ever thought that katy segal could carry off a part like that!!!!! it was wonderful thanks for the ride!

  5. I gotta say I was as devastated by jax`s death as I was by opie because I saw it coming….but that being said I was sobbing like a baby by the end. in my opinion the three most devastating deaths in the entire series is opie, bobby, n half sack (in that order). I was happy for jax in the end cuz he found peace n he went out with a smile

  6. Not sure I liked the ending. Jax comitted suicide. Didn’t Juice get a lot of shit for attempting to do that to when he hung himself? Anyway Queen Latifah went out harder in the movie Set It Off. If Jax was gonna go out all the Presidents from all the SOA chapters should of taken him out execution style.

    1. Juice was trying to kill himself for his own problems. Jax’s suicide was more of a sacrifice for the greater good of his sons and the club. In his head it was the only way to honor Tara’s last wish by getting those boys out of Charming and it was the only way to keep them from becoming members in the future.
      He doesn’t know Gemma gave Abel that ring though.

  7. This was a beautiful 7 yr ride….it was hard watching this last season. I recently lost my fiancé in a motorcycle accident this past September, and this is one thing we did together, watching this show. Kurt ccouldn’t have picked a better cast for his characters and I’m gonna miss it….not too much though because when Season 7 comes out, I will have the whole series!!!!!!

  8. HA! I didn’t even know my videos were on here until a friend told me. Glad to see so many others were just as emotional. I feel like I lost my best friend right now-I know that may seem extreme to many others but I have been extremely passionate about this show since day 1 and I have been a HUGE fan of Kurt Sutter ever since 2002 when The Shield premeired. He is truly an AMAZING writer and so is Paris Barclay!
    Can’t wait for The Bastard Executioner and First 9.

  9. I have watched this show every Tuesday night for 7yrs with my husband. My heart broke with each episode during this last season and I cried so hard watching the pain in Jax’s eyes as he did what he did out of love for his family and club to see his last ride was so heart breaking for me. I still find myself searching and reading to see what will be done next after seeing his son twirling the ring that Gema gave her grandson before she left. Even today as I sit here and watch the last episodes that have been posted and still cry. When it was done I sat in silence wondering what the heck am I going to do now on Tuesday nights as this was part of my family in my heart.

  10. I cried so much. OMG I could not stop, I was so sad as if a member of my family had died. My husband kept asking me things and talking to me, and I didn’t answer him. I was just crying and so so upset. He kept asking me ” are you okay?” and I didn’t respond I just cried and cried. OMG Jax this broke my heart :(

  11. I cried when each person was killed or died. I even cried with most of the videos above. This show was awesome. I will watch all the seasons over since I bought season 1 thru 6 and am waiting on my season 7 to be released

  12. The death that really shook me was Tara’s. I never saw the one coming. Jax and Gemma had to die, but Tara was the one good thing in their lives. Plus, a carving fork to the head is never good!

  13. After watching the reactions from both unsers and gemmas deaths by the lady that posted on this link, I’m just as shocked as she was when Jax killed unser. I was shaking and screaming at the TV after that. The entire series was the best tv series I’ve watched and became emotional during the last couple episodes.

  14. I cried so much . Just when I though I was good, something else happened and I could’t stop crying. Well done to the cast and crew, just beautifully done . Lookin forward to more of your work Sutter!!!!!!

    1. Jax was STILL a member. All he did was give Presidency to Chibs, but SONS member he still was to the end..

  15. I can’t believe it’s over. I hated when Tara was killed and cried so much and now Jax, what a fabulous series it was. Kurt Sutter you are a magnificent story teller. Please write more and include a part for gorgeous Charlie!! Thank you.

    1. I loved Tara n I balled my eyes out when Jaxon came home n found her dead. I hated Gemma for killing her. “I loved her too Jaxon” BS! I hated the madam he cheated on Tara with. When the DA seen barosky dead n kinda smiled.. That helped for closure for me. I still cry watching the end of season 6. Nero had to say goodbye to Gemma to move on. Abel was tortured by her actions. I’m still watching parts that I didn’t get to see before & I understand ALOT more now. I’ll miss Jaxon a lot!!! Thank you for posting these cuz now I don’t feel so bad for crying like I did. Great job to all of u!!! XOXOXO

  16. I had the same reaction when Gemma died, I was a hot mess :( And it didn’t take me until the second time watching the finale that I cried when Jax died. So sad its over!

  17. I think I got far more emotional when Bobby was shot than at the finale. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Jax Teller’s character, a lot. Bobby, though. Bobby was just… Bobby.

    By the time the end of the sixth season, I utterly despised both Gemma and Juice, so their deaths were absolutely meaningless to me. Unser well.. he was Unser. He didn’t have to die, and should have just walked away. Really, he should have. His blind love and loyalty to Gemma cost him his life, and she in no way deserved that.

    The son had come full circle with the Sons. It swallowed him up, corrupted him and then drove him to death. At least Jax and J.T. were finally together again. I say a huge kudos to Kurt Sutter and to all of the cast. Sons got me and my girls around the television every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. They’re older now, so that is really hard to come by, so this was an absolute treat. PEACE.

  18. At the final when jacks lifted his hands an just felt free like all was finally gone off his chest an over with I thought wow that’s how I felt when riding just minus the dieing part : / then I just started to have some tears drop because I thought of how free he must of been when died even with all that pain he felt from the truck an the pain he felt he caused everyone but then I was thinking do he really die?!!! So many emotions to an awesome ass show

  19. I keep watching and keep crying. I’m very sad. Too emotionally connected to the show & Jax. I can’t stop thinking about the ending. I’m devestated.

  20. Great 7 yrs kurt I wish it could keep going on but thats not my choice …honestly in my opinion who says jax actually died at all …the truck could of flipped and jax could of went right under the truck n that blood could of been from the driver …thats what I tell myself lol…SAMCRO should keep going

    1. That is what I thought to myself. They sort of left it open ended. Did he die or not? We may never know

  21. It was so moving because it was like watching a friend take their life after a long, hard, painful struggle.

    I thought I was the only one in tears when Gemma was killed (despite all the bad things she did I loved her character) and when Jax smiled a little, opened his arms and headed for the front of the truck…glad to know others were moved by the amazing writing, acting and directing.

    SOA will definitely be missed. Congratulation on a great ride and thank you for taking us along with you.


    1. I feel the EXACT same way! Like I’ve lost family members. Like a part of me is missing. No Tuesday visits to “Charming”. :-(

  22. I was disappointed that jax could kill his mother if was so sad about why do it? Why couldn’t he have just left with wendy and his now wendy and Nero are mom and dad?? Maybe Nero doesn’t want to raise a disturbed little boy and a baby..maybe him and wendy don’t want to live together. Jax having sex with her was selfish now she’ll probably do heroin again then Nero will start using. Abel is old enough to remeber. I feel like the ending was thrown together

    1. Joanna: If you truly follow the code you know that turning on and or killing a club member or one protected by the club you MUST meet Mr. Mahem. Besides you KNOW he could not let Jemma raise his boys!! Same reason Jax went out like he did. He killed a club Pres (wrongly) and knew he had ot die for it. Total adherence to the “code”. Sutter’s genius in leaving open ended questions about Abel, Wendy and Nero makes room for sequels.

    2. Nero and Wendy didn’t have to live together. Jax left her everything so she could move anywhere she wanted with the two boys…anywhere but Charming.

  23. Awesome ending thanks for not showing Jacks when he got hit I don’t think I could of send that Kurt you are an Amazing writer hope you guys win an Emmy this year because you all deserve it

  24. Omg! Opie’s death and Gemma’s death I cried harder than I ever did in my life!!!! Kurt Sutter is a friggin GENIUS!!!!!!!!! So sad its over :(

  25. I definitely had tears, and then felt completely stupid for crying. SO glad I am not the only one. Opie was one of my favorites from the beginning, and I didn’t cry, I was pissed. I wanted retribution on biblical proportions. Jax’s death was the only one that got to me. When I realized what fate he was to have, I felt a longing that I was surprised to feel. A longing that I think Sutter in his amazing talented ways, had us feel for Jax from the beginning. Jax was a good guy who strayed, but Sutter made us understand the straying, the ins the outs the why’s, if you were a fan from day one I know you felt that longing as well. Great Job Gentleman, I enjoyed every minute this cast.

  26. What a great ride Kurt Sutter! I was crying so much at that final moment that when my daughter came in the room and saw me she freaked out that someone in our family had died. She was relieved and a bit irritated when I explained it was someone on a TV show. RIP SOA.

  27. I cried watching most of that last show, I just knew what was coming and it killed me !! And then I bawled through the whole last scene, pretty sure I shouted “Damn you Kurt Sutter!” when it actually happened. Just watching the reactions made me choke up a little.

  28. Did anyone realize that the truck driver was the man who gave Gemma a ride and the birds/bread is from the girl at the church who gave him the blanket??

  29. I grew so attached to the characters…I truly feel like I’ve lost a family member. .it’s gut wrenching :-( I can’t believe it’s really over!!!

  30. S.O.N.S was a amazing show. The story line, the reality of what a illegal bike club is like. Amazing! Amazing Kurt Sutter for bringing us 7 amazing years. Amazing actors that were so easy to relate to, fall in love with, welcome into our homes on Tuesday nights for 7 years. You all have truly blessed us. The #Finalride was amazing & I couldn’t see Jax going out any other way. Thank you. Sad to see it come to an end. But you all will always be a part of our lives. Just don’t know what we are going to do for entertainment on Tuesday nights now. But just know we love & appreciate you all.

  31. I cried more during Gemma’s death than on the final episode. I did cry when Jax was saying goodbye to the boys and the club and also when Jax died but Gemma’s death had me sobbing. That was brutal.

  32. All I can say is thank God I watched it in the dark. I think I cried the most when he said goodbye to his babies. That little voice saying “daddy” really killed me, not to mention when he said that he wanted his kids to grow up hating the thought of him. Messed me up!

  33. the Ending of the show give me a better visual On why my ex committed suicide bikers die hard for the ones they love and can no longer hurt…

  34. I cried, was sick to my stomach, and really depressed, and have watched it, on the DVR, 10 times, since. (incidentally, I took Wednesday off, knowing I’d be worthless all day)… 7 years of a story, that WE all related with, (maybe it’s someone we know, or it reflects our own lives). Kurt, Well done! It all tied together, the crows, JT’s boots Jax was wearing, Jax on his Dad’s bike, the same road, the driver that helped Gemma, homeless lady, everything!.. I felt like I just lost a brother, with Opie’s death, and worse with Jax going out the way he did. ..The song “Come join the Murder”.. was epic, for ending the story, but did it really end? NO, it did not!! (a murder of crows, is a giant flock)… So many possibilities, Abel with the “SON” ring, staring into the distance, Chibs as President…. Gemma’s curse, by giving Abel the ring, and Jax not knowing she did…. endless possibilities. ….in one word, BRILLIANT!!!!.. *to Kurt*… please script the “FIRST 9″ or continue with Abel, Thomas, Wendy, Nero, and the rest of the “Redwood Original” charter, with Chibs as President, connecting with Abel, grown up.

  35. I cried hysterically like I had just lost a family member. Only other time I did that wax when Opie find. Thank you Kurt Sutter for a fantastic show. For the roller-coaster of a ride and letting us feel the emotions of the characters.

  36. I feel normaln now, because I cried like a bit**h, and I tought I was the only one crying like insane person. That last moment was so emotional. SoA forvever… <3

  37. Im not going to lie i did cry when he killed his mom and when Nero And jax was talking in the office i cryed and when wendy put up with the boys I was done….. then when he was w the crew i cryed more then at the when he was talking to his dad i was like Hell no then the end with the tractor trailer I was gonna say oh no oh no oh no not jax then i cryed like a baby thank you for 7 yrs….going to miss the show ..thank u cast and crew the producers and editors you couldn’t get a better season then this one hands down to you all

  38. I am crying now just watching these videos. I was and still am an emotional wreck every time I think about it being over. I can’t say all of the deaths hit me hard, the worst were Opie and Jax, I cried like a baby over both, I am just glad my fiance didn’t record it. After 7 years of watching the cast, being there through all the ups and downs this show ending has become like the loss of a friend to me. I will miss them & I wish it never had to end.

  39. It’s about time the thug got his due. It’s a sad world we live in when a heartless, ruthless, cold blooded killer is is sensationalized, glorified and looked upon as a hero. Something is seriously wrong with this society.

    1. You must have been a fan or you wouldn’t have made sure you knew the end. You know nothing about the life style. Jax went out the best way he could for his boys and the club. He was still a SON just no longer prez. He rode away with his patch and his love for his brothers, sons and club.

    1. when Jax done this he was no longer a son he had done gave his patch to Chibs. He did this because he didn’t want his boys in this type of lifestyle but I do believe it’s too late for Able. Another thing Jax is no coward by doing what he did he closed this chapter for his family

      1. Sorry Misty….. Giving up the Presidents Flash does not mean he was not a member. He simply passed the gavel to “Chibs”. He was still wearing the “Patch” Rockers and all.

  40. I sobbed like a baby! After following the show and not missing a single episode all of them dying just kinda gets Ya. I even cried when clay got killed and he was a bastard that deserved to die. But when jax died man oh man I felt like my closest friend was gone. It’s crazy the way you can get emotionally attached to fictional characters! What a wild emotional ride but I enjoyed every bit of what Sutter put us through! Sick twisted amazingly brilliant Kurt Sutter!

    1. that’s funny… I bet Clay didn’t kill his mother. Jax was worse than Clay. Clay died with dignity, Jax died a COWARD. If you remember he’s the one that said Sons don’t kill themselves…lol, what a COWARD!

      1. Ya missed it. Jax was still a “SON” just not president.. after the mayhem vote, Jax had the dignity to take himself out, rather than have the rest of the Redwood Original charter having to feel the guilt of killing Jax,… and that is the biker code of honor, for 1%ers, Jax knew what would come, orchestrated the plan, and put it into action, knowing full well that his death would be on his own hands, no one else’s. Come join the murder(of crows).. His love for the club, his father’s legacy, the boys, Wendy & Nero, Jax’s love was total. Rather sped the rest of his life on death row, or life in prison, Jax went to be with his Dad, save the club, the boys, avoiding the torture, of what was to come in prison.

      2. And Jax only killed people he considered deserved it or were “bad guys” (including his mom). Clay killed everyone, including the club members, just to cover his own butt. I see it as a big difference. Both men were bad guys, but Jax was half insane because of the murder of his wife and Clay was just a greedy dirt bag.

          1. Totally agree. Gib did NOT deserve to die and neither did Jury. Clay killed those who were a threat to him-Jax killed for the sole purpose of framing innocent men just to get back at the ones he thought was responsible for Tara’s death. There is huge difference between killing to protect, and killing over speculation.
            At least Clay gave Opie the benefit of the doubt until Stahl planted all that evidence and set him up as a rat! He gave Tig permission to kill Ope because there was so much convincing evidence and he even tried to stop it when he found out the truth. Jax never gave Jury a chance! He made up his mind he was going to kill Jury the moment he found out Gib was his son. That is why he told the club to hang back and made it a point to yell “I’m not the one who betrayed the patch” but said everything else quietly.
            I wanted to go through my tv and smack him when he did that! He has betrayed his patch MANY times!

      3. actually he said sons don’t try to kill themselves… But look at the situation he had put himself in he was being charged for a double homicide n not to mention the other charters of samcro were going to be coming after him for what had happened between him n jerry… He died on his terms n had he waited for the others to come n get him it would have been much worse for him and his club also it could have put his sons in danger someone could’ve went after them to get to him again so instead he killed all the people who had beef with his club took all the heat for it n set his sons n Wendy up so they’d be ok no I don’t think it was lame he went out like his dad n before you start talking shit n saying a bunch of stupid shit to me my father died a similar way as jax did so please don’t be an asshole…. Thanks

  41. I cried like the whole fucking episode…the most tho when he was talking to Nero and saying by to his boys..great series

  42. im sad yet happy the way it ended jax had a personal mission to get the club legit and yes he strayed away for a moment but came to the realization that the only way to do this is to tie up all lose ends jemma unser juice marks barostie and the ira. i beleve jax’s knew how he wanted to go out but once he seen the simi it was almost jt sayin this is me showing u the way to me . the very last moments when jax takes his hand off the handle bars is almost a religious experience that jax feels, all worries all cares all regrets gone. i hope one day to see a original 9 series but til then ill always remember what jax said to clay “it ant easy being king”

  43. I was an emotional mess and blubbering all over the place and left speechless. I literally felt broken hearted as the show came to a wrap. For 7 years SOA has been a part of my life and I am so sad knowing I will never see another episode. It has been a great ride and I thank the cast for sticking with us giving us such great, disturbing and a brotherhood entertainment for so long.

  44. Im so glad there wasn’t anyone recording me! I literally cried watching these videos of people’s reactions. I am going to miss my Tuesday nights with the guys. But we can always watch again. Much love to Kurt Sutter and the gang. Great job for bringing out our inner anarchy. I’ll still be crying for a while I’m sure of it!

  45. Finale was truly AMAZING! I cried and will really miss watching Sons of Anarchy!
    Farewell to a great cast! Hope someday you get to work today again!

  46. Im glad I wasn’t the only one…..I cried just watching these reactions. Seven years is along time to get attached to the characters.

    1. I cried watching these too.. It brought me back to when I watched the finale. If only my bf recorded me crying – I sobbed like that one woman with the blanket to her face. What an amazing show. I am so glad I watched the first episode and fell in love with the boys from Charming. Feel so empty now. Can’t believe this is all over.

    2. Me too Jessica! I was a nervous wreck the whole time. Pacing and crying. I told my husband that, I felt like I needed to do something to save my “friends” lol. Ugh!! I absolutely loved SOA. I watched every single episode since the first one.

      1. I enjoyed the series and watched every week. But I thought the CGI associated with Jax demise was kinda hokey.

  47. great 7 yrs ride… I cried to when everybody got kill off… this season was epic… I don’t know why kurt had to end jaxs life like that.. now I wanna see what chibs can do… please write one more season..

  48. The ride is over now so what will or should i say how will the other brothers live without jax……..???? Ti b s i wished you were my best freind

  49. I cried more at the finale than I did got my favorite character (Juice). I saw it all coming. I shed a tear when he said goodbye to his sons but my tears started really flowing at “I got this” (also Opie’s last words) and that song choice was amazing.