Sons of Anarchy Cast Thanks the Fans

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Photo credit: Youtube screenshot

Each and every member of the cast says thank you to the fans in this end of a series video.

Sons of Anarchy Season 1 was in 2008. Season 7 (the last season) was in 2014.

Show creator and head writer, Kurt Sutter, claims that there was a plan from the beginning to only take the show to 7 seasons. He needed this exact timeline to frame and construct his story arc.

How are you guys coping now that the Final Ride is over? Let us know in the comments.



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  2. I hope y’all continue the seasons we all love them I have had a rough live and this really makes it better lol I watch all of them and restart this is the only season that I know of that I can watch over and over

  3. sorry to see you go like any others i have ridden this life in the past and it hits close to home on parts where family sticks together and protects one another. live long ride free. Protect the family !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh yeah I’m going to be truly lost on Tuesday night’s now that the ride is over for the last 7 years that’s all I did on Tuesday is sit my but in front of my TV waiting for the GREATEST show to start now I have no clue what I’m gonna do,,,,I guess I could start over from the beginning but I already know what happens,,,I’ll figure something out!!! THANKS AGAIN :-) :-) :-)

  5. Thank you for best show on TV ever,,It made my Tuesday night’s the GREATEST night of the week I used to shut my phone off & put a DO NOT DISTURB sign on my door when it was on,,,Thanks to thex& crew for making the best,greatest, & the most wonderful TV series ever put on TV,,, I own all the Seasons (waiting on 7) so I will be having a SOA marathon,,,,No matter what from here on out what FX puts on TV it will never ever BEAT OR TOP (SONS OF ANARCHY) THANK YOU KURT SUTTER you r an amazing writer, director & just a pure talented man I hope & pray to see more of your work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. this 63 yr old grandma will miss the sons, my Tuesday nights will never be the same. 7 years of great tv, writing and acting. I think the ending was perfect, what other way could there have been?
    Now I can imagine SAMCRO going on with Chibs and Tig in the lead. A spinoff would make me very happy! Thanks for all the good times!


  8. The only disappointment I had about the ending was, Gemma wins. She doesn’t suffer a long painful suffering for all the damage caused. Jax takes that guilt and drives himself into his own death. And Abel carries the ring that will ultimately be the sequel Sons Generation III (hey Sutter, that was a hint of my wishful thinking!)

  9. I will miss the show so much, I am happy to say that I have watched every episode .
    Now what am I gonna do on Thursday night . Very sad that it is really over but at least I have them on DVD but it won’t be the same for I know what already happened .Loved everyone of you great people Thank you Mr. Shutter get that talented mind rock in on another kick ass show Peace and Love to all of you
    Big Fan Candy Wert from Fl.

  10. Watching the show for the past 7 years has been such an amazing ride and watching the show unfold made me want to come back for more very season. I can’t imagine not having the show on anymore and watching this amazing cast but it ended perfectly. Nobody took jax life and he went out doing what he loved the most which was riding his bike. What Charlie Hunnam brought to the screen I have never seen in another actor and will always be his fan. The entire cast was truly amazing and I will forever miss this show. I can’t wait to see the prequel and see where it all started. Thanks sutter for this extraordinary story

  11. Would likento say thank u to Kurt Sutter and the cast crew for an awesome show. Also for keeping us on the edge of our seat. Wish there was more seasons. I have only seen 2 seasoons but I fell in love with the characters.

  12. I have watched this show from the beginning and until the end. I fell on love with motorcycles. When my man returns from his deployment I will watch all over again. Just ordered season 1-6 . Thank you Me . Kurt Sutter,Charlie Hunnam and the whole great cast of actor slice you guys. I don’t know what to watch now Tuesday night at 10: 00 pm has a whole in it.

  13. All I want to say is thank you to all of you and Kurk for the best show ever. There will never be one like this, I am so sad that it is over I feel like I lost my second family, I never missed a show and so glad I didn’t, Tusedays nights will never be the same.

  14. What a RIDE, Thank you Mr. Sutter and to the cast for bringing us into another world for the past seven years, to sit and watch this story unfold week after week was breathtaking.
    Missing SOA already.

  15. A very grate show and will miss Jax.still trying to get over Jax kills himself. Cried and last episodes very emotional.Jax be missed

  16. I watched every single episode. I really hated to see it come to an end ; I love you all! I will truly miss the show♥

  17. Absolutely incredible show and I truly can’t believe this bad ass ride is over. All the best to the members of SOA and I really hope we can ride again !!

  18. I cried during the finale. I honestly thought they would let Jax live. I was devastated watching him ride to his death. Amazing job Charlie, the look of serenity was beautiful and heart-breaking at the same time.

  19. In my mind M*A*S*H was the best show on TV. But “Sons of Anarchy” takes that crown. Thank YOU Kurt Sutter & the entire cast for 7 great years.

  20. What a ride! Hadn’t seen an episode until we purchased the DVDs and started watching them a few months ago, was hooked from the beginning! Loved everything about the show and wish it was never ending! Great job SOA cast and crew for keeping us so entertained! Kudos to all involved and know that you won’t be forgotten, I am looking forward to start watching my favorite motorcycle club from the top again in case I missed anything! Thank you SOA, awesome job!

  21. Thanks for SOA Kurt will miss watching it every Tuesday. All the best to the cast and everybody evolved in the show. Thanks so much for 7 great season.

  22. It’s really sucks that SOA had to end, but nothing good lasts forever! Great show!! Will be looking forward to Kurt Sutter’ next creation. Big shoes to fill, but I think we the fans, have total confidence in this man’s creativity. Thank you all for 7 great seasons!!

  23. Kurt Sutter, you should be ashamed of yourself. To make the first and second season so awesome then follow it up with the cheesy unrealistic bag of suck that was the next five seasons was so lame. And what was with the cheap ass cgi at the end of jax and the big rig? Did you have a kid do that for his junior high video editing project?

  24. im so sad the journey has came to an end!! 7yrs fully dedicated now not so sure what to look forward to …started season one over…. not yet ready to say goodbye just yet… just a suggestion. one actually saw jax die,,, lets mske some more!!!

  25. To Kurt, the cast and entire crew that gave us 7 amazing years! Thank you for coming into my living room and making me feel like part of your family. For letting me go on this incredible ride with you. There is no doubt that the SOA will live on in us for a very long time. It’s amazing the impact this show has had on so many. I’m keeping hope alive that Kurt, that you’ll bring us something that will once again have us addicted and wanting more of the brotherhood and family. Maybe Abel and Thomas all grown up or in the early years riding along with JT. You GOT this Kurt!!! I cried during the last episode and was so emotionally impacted over the last 7 years! I feel empty and lost! The fact that your fans feel so strongly about this show should prove to you how incredible you ALLAH really are!! Peace and love to you and your families!!!

  26. Definitely will not be forgotten!.. I am so sad to see SOA over, it feels like a death of a friend that’s been around for so long and now is just gone. The finale was Amazing and the story really did come full circle. The way I am left feeling just goes to show how Awesome Kurt Sutter is and the cast and crew and how Wonderful they are at what they do. SOA left a mark on its fans that will not be forgotten.. I only wish we had 7 more seasons!

  27. Gone but not forgotten will never forget this show it showed what real life can be for the land of the free and the home of the brave

  28. Thank you for the Series, was a great 7 years, I fell in love with all the Characters, well maybe not Clay – lol, great series, too bad all the good ones come to an end. Wishing all of you actors a future of success, and Charlie I still wish you would have done Fifty Shades of Grey, would have been great watching you in that. God bless you all, take care I care Anna xo

  29. Don’t thanks us… we are thanking you for this show so good…. to all of you, you will be missed and love U ALL….. ALWAYS, on the edge with this show… miss you already. xoxoxoxoxo

  30. I hate that I’m not gonna get to see Tommy Flannigan every Tuesday anymore! I love that he became president in the finale. That is one good lookin man!!

  31. Best show on Tv I am so sad to see the show go. I have watched every episode more then once I feel like tv will not be the same now. Kurt you are an awesome writer. And the cast was so great you fall in love with each of them for different reasons. Gemma love or hate her the show was awesome with her she keeps you on your toes not knowing what she decided to do next. And of course Thank you so very much for all the wonderful Jax scenes they were great. I loved his chemistry with Tara. Thank you again for the best show I have ever watched you will be missed daily…

  32. I’m so bummed it’s over! It’s amazing how hooked we all can get on a show and on the characters. It felt like I lost a good friend after it ended. We all joked at work that we should fly the flags at half staff in honor of Jax. Amazing amazing story and actors/actresses. Love you all!!

  33. I already Miss SOA already. For the past 7 years it has been part of My Life, watching Every season and getting to know the Characters. The Love, Hate, Sadness felt throughout the seasons was so Emotional~ I think Every Character played their Roles PERFECT!!!!!! Thank you Kurt Sutter and to the Entire Cast of SOA…. It was One HELL of a RIDE!!!!!!! Thanks :-)

  34. Absolutely love this show, is an epic story that will be watched over and over!! One of the best ever made. It will hold a strong following even now the final ride has been done. Up the with the very best of television shows. Absolutely epic from start to end.

  35. thank you for the ride I watched each and every episode twice to make sure I never missed anything, Tuesdays will NOT be the same , RIDE ON

  36. I can’t believe we took the final ride! I’m missing the whole amazing cast already! Totally appreciate the vid of thanks but really, we thank each of you for entertaining us every Tuesday; for being such an amazing cast – you made us fall in love with the good, the bad and the evil! Many thanks to Kurt Sutter for the brilliant writing of such an intricate story. I’m so sad it’s over and really hope you’ll film a movie to give us a little bit more of what we love so much! Thanks for an amazing 7 year run!

  37. Im gonna miss that series. Deffinately upset its over. Thankyou for the seven seasons to all of the cast and to kurt sutter. Fantastic job!!!

  38. This is series that touched so many different people. It will be watched again from start to finish. All the best to you all in the future. Looking forward to Suttter’s next project, and Katy Sagal, you rock

  39. Words cannot express my LOVE for this show; Kurt Sutter you are an amazing writer, there is no other way to present the SONS’ story. I don’t know how my Tuesday nights will continue; order the series or Netflix, this is by far the BEST show on tv!! You could not have selected a better cast of actors, you guys are AMAZING!! #SOAFANATIC

  40. will carry this show , the cast with me always, best show ever, dont know what to do on tuesdays, wish I knew you all personally, I feel like you are all family, thanx for a great Ride!!

  41. I’ve been hooked since the pilot I’m sad that after 7 years it’s all over but watching Thomas roll that ring makes me think that there will be more. Thanks SOA Much love and respect thanks for the RIDE.

  42. Thank you to the cast and Kurt Sutter for bringing a wonderful and exciting 7 years. It has been one Hell of a ride…love the show and love the cast. I will begin it all over again starting with season one with my DVD’s…I can’t let it go….THANK YOU!!

  43. I would like to say that I love you Sons of Anarchy the cast and show I love you. Jax Teller and Tara Knowles you guys made the awesomest couple. It broke my heart when Gemma killed Tara, the expressions that Jax does wen he finds her dead breaks my heart. How Jax killed himself can’t believe itinerant in shock still. I will miss you SOA. Please make more seasons please

  44. I am really sitting here cryin after watching that like they really knew me. The ending of all this has made me soft I feel like…. lol

  45. I watched more then 3 months for 7 yrs considering I repeated the weekly show with on demand.
    All I can say the twists and and trying to guess whats next was fun and entertaining. One thing really sticks in my mind is the transformation of Nero as he got in deeper with the sons. I only hope that the way Sutter mind thinks SOA will return now thats a twist for sure.
    Thanks to all the actors and crew for seven years of great storytelling and program.

  46. Best show ever and i am going to sadly miss watching awesome job producing and directing and acting it out ! Amazing job to everyone .much love

  47. You thank us for watching. We thank you for Bringing us such a wonderful show.ive seen this show transcend race like no other black.white .Spanish Asian and all in between. You guys brought something to the table for everyone .you made us all want to be an outlaw, even for a hour or two …every death we felt. Every emotion we felt .thank you for every Tuesday you let us all be a part of an M.C…
    There are very few shows that grabbed America like yours did and had the hardest of bad asses in the front of the t.v screen wanting more and more ….
    You thank ,us ,truly we thank you, and speaking for all SOA fans , you will truly be missed ….
    Kurt Sutter .you da man

  48. Life will suck without this best show ever. T.V. already is just not the same with nothing to look forward too next week. So SAD…..

  49. This is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. I love the characters and absolutely loved all of the symbolisms and connections that were apparent throughout the show. Love Jax Teller and sad that it’s over and he took his final ride. As much as I wanted him to survive this was a good way for him to go.


  51. It was the most exciting series I have ever watched. Each episode I didn’t want it to end. I will truly miss the show. Hopefully all of you will take a break and come back. After all Jacks could just be in a coma. Unfortunately some of the other great stars cannot return from the dead. Congratulations to all and hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a successful new year.

  52. THANK YOU!!! Have never been so invested in a show, will miss it horribly, like a lot of comments on here…we need a support group. Will always be “TELLER TUESDAY”…..SOA…. WHAT A RIDE!!!

  53. I’m so sad the best show has ended, It should have had more recognition then it got the writing the actors were phenomenal. I would have loved it to go on, now what do I watch?

    Thanks for the ride
    Kurt Sutter u rock

  54. For 7 years this show became a part of my life. I laughed at Juice’s antics, cried at the deaths, screamed and yelled numerous times at the television, the last episode felt like a death of a close friend, disbelief and sad it is over. Thank You SOA I will miss all of you. :(

  55. I watched the series finale and thought Kurt Sutter was pure genius to write this and end it like it did. It came full circle. I hated him and loved him at the same time. Like a bad wreck, you just couldn’t look away. At one point, Kurt made me hate every woman on that show. It was worth it all. It brings out emotional overtones for the characters; some you were glad to see go (Clay) and some you weren’t (Opie). Most of all, Kurt built this show as an extended family. One that came into our living rooms every Tuesday night for 3 months and then they packed up and went home until the next year. They will all live on in our hearts and minds.

  56. wow best tv show ever, im gonna be lost now that theres no tuesday S.O.A not much left to watch as far as im concern, im retired set lightening tech. wish i was still working when sons came about, i had a few nephews work on the show in set lightening all i can say being a rider myself with A.L.R 507 and also being a patroit guard and a nam vet this show really hit deep in side of me , gave me a high thats hard to put in words, so THANKS so much for the pass 7 seasons and thats a wrap !!! or just the ABBY SINGER?

  57. The crew and cast have no reason to thank the fans although it’s truly lovely to hear. Without all of the extremely hard working and very talented people, not just the main stars, then the show would not have kept so many people hooked on each episode and desperate for the next. So I for one would like to thank all who contributed to the making of all seven truly amazing episodes.
    Thank you

  58. No one is ever ready for the end of something that wonderful. It was the sort of show that anyone could watch and relate to, I never thought that I would like it, but I was so very wrong. I missed ‘Bobby’ like crazy the last few episodes and I will miss the excellence that the whole show brought to television. Good Roads to all of you as you move along on your path!!

  59. I have to say I had sadness on Wed but a ray of hope yesterday that possibly the way it ended there could be another continuance of Sons. What a great show!

  60. Best series ever, only show I ever was able to care enough to keep up with, my Tuesday will never be the same! Wish it could’ve lasted longer but it ended right! Awesome job to Sutter and the cast!

  61. After 7yrs of watching Sons, I can’t believe it’s over. The cast has become like part of my family and now there is a void in my soul. Thank you Kurt Sutter for the pure genius that kept me so enthralled all these years. Thank you cast for the tears and the emotional rollercoaster that you all kept me on. You will forever be missed and thanx for one hell of a ride!!

  62. By far the best show ever… I don’t think anything up and coming will ever compare. I have been so vested in this show for years… I am not sure what to do with my Tuesday’s now… It’s like a huge part of my life has come to an end. You all are amazing!

  63. My fiance and I have recently started watching all the episodes on Netflix and are addicted he is begging to watch the finale and I won’t let him until we are finished watching the other episodes…….. Thank you for a great show wish we had discovered it sooner, you are all awesome and again thanks for the ride!!!! Best of luck in your future endeavors!!!!!

  64. I think I speak for many of us. You brought together a group of characters that every fan in some way could relate to, sometimes more than one. Every one has that side that they keep tucked away and at bay. I’m a nurse, with tattoos, work in a jail so many times I related to Tara how you help those who need it when they need it with out question or judgment. I’m also a mother of 3 young men and this allowed me to understand Gema. A mother doesn’t always make the right choices but she tries to make them for the best reasons. I want to that you all for letting us experience a bad side from a safe point. Missing you before the last ride even started. In our lives what matters most is when we make mistakes we recognize them, face them and do what we can yo make it right.
    GOD bless you all.

  65. Still grieving on the series being over!! I know it will hit even harder next Tuesday when it’s not on tv. This show was phenomenal and will be deeply missed with a passion!!

  66. Words can’t express what this show has meant to me. All the characters were so very real and was part of my family. Luckily I already have the first 6 seasons and WILL have the last one. I eill be able to visit them anytime. You thanked the fans now this fan wants to thank all of you. You will be missed

  67. So gutted no more Sons. Guess I will just have to start the series all over again. Loved every single episode :(

  68. I miss SOA already! By far the best show I’ve seen since Prison Break. Kept me in suspense at the end of every season. I will miss all the characters! I’m glad the show went out on top! Thank you for the best ride of my life!!!!

  69. Having watched this from the beginning I was addicted to this show The casting was perfect. Everyone played their part to perfection. It was thee best show on tv I have ever watched Now days everything is a reality show NOT THIS!!! Thanks for 7 entertaining years Wishing you all the best Sad to see it end

  70. A fitting ending. Fulfilling his fathers wish as he finally realized it. And cleaning up club business.
    And I thought the house was sold where gemma’s father lived?
    Also I kinda wanted Jackson, along with the fans to know how much gemma planned out J.T.’s death.

  71. Where’s Tara and clay? Haven’t seen them commenting at all…..kinda wouldn’t be SOA without them….

  72. Going to be making my own Teller Tuesday, will be buying the box set when it’s complete!! Awesome series and the best ever!! Sad that it’s over!!

  73. SOA is the best show ever made! Thank you all for how you have made Tuesday nights special for my family and friends. Tuesday we all gathered, taking turns at each other’s house, watching this show. The show was so well made and the characters will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank all of you for the hard work you put into this show.

  74. I cried watching it the very first time and I cried watching it the second time. I loved this show so much and I will be a long time before a Tuesday can come and I won’t be sad there will be no Sons on that night!!! Love the show and love all the guys and girls that made it so amazing!!! Fare well SAMCRO, fare well.

  75. Sons was an awesome show, missing it already, Great Actors. Very touching towards the end. I am left with this emptiness that I am trying to fill. U GUYS ARE AWESOME & TO Kurt Sutter, u are AMAZING!!

  76. What a great show! Hate to see it end. This show ended with great dignity !!!
    The show will never end with the true followers…they will talk about it over and over.
    Thanks for the last 7yrs.

  77. I’ve watched the first four seasons 3 or 4 times each and in my humble opinion there is no better television than that. Season 5,6 & 7 not so much, I want to thank Kurt Sutter for making me look forward to Tuesday nights like never before. I want to thank the cast for the time and effort they put into their characters.

    PS now that the show is over will you PLEASE release a grey samcro shirt like happy wore ?? Thanks

  78. For the past 7 seasons I have had a love/hate relationship with everyone of the SON’s characters but through this I have also discovered a little bit of myself in everyone of them as well, and I fell in love with them and the story they told each week. It became a part of me and I apart of it like I am sure it was for the actors. Now that it’s over and the final ride has played out and I know in my heart that this is the real end, I am devastated. It’s like I just lost my entire family in some freakish accident and I am grieving their loss. How does one get over and move on from something like that? How does one get over The SONS of ANARCHY? Kudos to Mr. Sutter for writing something that engulfed a nation and held them transfixed to their T.V.’s for 7 years, involving us all in a story that became so real to us that the watching of it was a necessity every Tuesday of our lives for 7 seasons, a ritualistic part of our own life story played out on screen and limited only by our own imagination!
    Farewell Sons, R.I.P…..SOA……

  79. I have to say, I have been a fan of this show from the beginning, Kurt Sutter is a genius. I have seen many posts about the final episode of people complaining that it didn’t end right or that it was horrible but personally I thought it was amazing. The ending brought us full circle, the vision that Kurt Sutter brought us was poetic, tragic, and beautiful all at the same time. I was sad to see Jax go but I knew it had to happen and it had to happen in this way. I am not a person who watches a lot of television but this show has had me hooked for 7 years, and I have felt every emotion possible. I will truly miss this show, hell I already do. I will never look at television the same way and nothing will ever compare to SOA. I am one fan that will say that those 3 months a year for the last 7 years were amazing and I am sad to see it end. Kurt Sutter you are a genius, the cast is amazing and I really hope the rumors of the first 9 are true, and if so I will be glued to my television once again because of you, Kurt Sutter.

  80. Love, Love, Love the show. I was totally hooked and watched every episode. I am going to miss it so much. Wish you guys could do another series as good as this. Thanks guys for a great series.

  81. Devastated :( one of the best shows ever. Thank you Kurt Sutter and the cast. You made me look forward to Tuesday nights.

  82. It’s like a member of the family or a best friend has passed. It was an epic show with a great cast. I’m sad it’s over, but it went out with a bang. Thank you to the cast and crew for making the show great.

  83. Its crazy how emotionally attached I was to all the characters. Bailed my eyes out when Jax died. Still thinking about it. Very sad to see this amazing show end!

  84. I love this show, nothing ever got in the way of watching it. I am going to be lost without it, thank god for dvd’s & dvr’s. Its like a part of the family is gone. To the cast & crew you are all amazing,talented artists who brought us all into your life. Thank you. Much love. You will be deeply missed. One hell of a ride.

  85. Its crazy that this show was such a part of my life. I cried I laughed got pissed felt the pain and anguish ….crazy you say….naahh just a huge fan that’s a little crazy to!!!!!!

  86. There is so, so much more that Kurt or someone else could write about SOA,
    1. Where the club is going now
    2. How the club started (and then they could bring everyone back)
    I honestly do not think that this is the end.

    1. I miss ass you guys already!!!!! Thanks for one the best riders I have ever had!!!!!! It is going going to take a while to get use to you guys are gone. God Bless!!! Thanks again!!!!

  87. As much as the show will be missed, i love the way kurt sutter went out on top. This show will never be forgotten because it does portray realism. I respect his story because real is respectable. Looking forward to his future endeavors and watching reruns of Sons. Thank you for a wonderful ride, it was amazing.

  88. Soa has become a great part in my life.
    Each year I’m happy as a small boy at christmas because around thanksgiving is a box available in Belgium. Thank you. Thank all of you, cast and crew, to give such entertainment!!!! I will miss it but will watch the dvd boxes over and over.
    Greetz from Kortrijk, Belgium!
    Blondie Chipz.

  89. I feel such a sense of loss…will miss this show and the characters..thank you all for bringing each and every character alive…..ride free

  90. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the show. Don’t even want to refer to it in the past tense just yet. Amazing writing and cast, albeit is sometimes crazy violent. But just loved the sense of family and brotherhood that showed through in every…single…episode.

    What to do on Tuesday nights now?

    Well done. And that ending…well…Jax went out the way he wanted…at his own hand. Bravo!

  91. Ah man. I’m still in my feelings since watching the last episode Tuesday. Its been one hell of a ride and I can’t help but feel like.. My family is gone. It sucks to say goodbye but like they say, all good things must come to an end. Everyone apart of SOA were without question, the best cast that I’ve witnessed on a TV show. You guys are all true artist and it showed every time when y’all paint the canvas (TV screen.) Thank you Kurt for your creative writing/story telling ability, job well done sir. I cannot wait to see what you have in store next. And as for everyone else as well. Thank you for seven chaotic, nail biting, hysterical, thrilling, emotinal, hilarious, ruthless, heartfelt years. It definitely has been a pleasure and a privilege.

  92. i just don’t know what to do with Myself now I’m so lost without you here in my life I think I’m gunna have to go back to the beginning and start over I love u Charlie

  93. Thank you all for bringing this amazing story to the audience in such a way that kept us glued to the set for 7 amazing years! You have taken us through a gambit of emotions and left us writhing and reeling for more! We have fallen in love with outlaws and held on by shoestrings for another tellerTeusday couldnt come fast enough! Proven what we already know that the Emmy’s are commercialized propaganda cause sutter you have proven what the meaning of what an effective writer can and should do for an audience, Thank you!

  94. I can’t believe its already ended I love the show since day one. Jax, juice, chibbs, Nero, I love you all fantastic show wife n I watched the whole of season 7

  95. Thank you all for this 7 season ride. I have laughed, cried and cried and shook my head in amazement at what you all have accomplished. And to all my Anarchy girls, loved watching every minute with all of you!

  96. SOA by far one of the best shows Ive watched over the years.So sad to see it over.Tuesday nights will forever be changed.Miss it so much already.What a great cast of people.

  97. First of all I want say thank you to the Masterpiece of Kurt Sutter and Katey, and all of you guys,because without your talented,we are not here to support you and this Tv Show,and last thing but very very and very important for me : When I saw for the first time on Tv 09-03-2008 Sons Of Anarchy changed completely my life,not because I’m biker passionate,huge fan of Harley Davidson,but the way how Kurt has managed in perfect,incredibly,magnificent the real life of a group of bikers,their life,being a criminal,etc,but I loved especially : The Family Thought,The Loyalty Thought,The friendship Thought,and so on.creating this incredible masterpiece
    Kurt thank you so much from my heart,today I am very and deeply proud to be SOA fan,and enjoy with others super fans,sharing opinions,thoughts,and many things,and without you and this astonish cast couldn’t be possible to be created it,and without SOA I will never learned to be a real man.

  98. I love love love this show!!! I watched every episode, if I couldn’t watch the show, it was PVR’d!!! I will truly miss all of you, thanks for the awesome ride!!! SOA are Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Originals. Love you guys!!!

  99. So sad to see it end, but as they say, every great thing has to come to an end. I’m going to miss my Tuesday night dates. May peace be with u all. Ride free SOA, ride free.

  100. I love you guys! So sad its over, hope to see you guys in more shows and movies and kurt sutter
    Should make another with you all.

  101. WILL REALLY MISS SEEING the show !!! Would love to see what happens to the club and ABEL !! my Tue nights at 10 pm are boring now !!! thanks for the ride!!

  102. wow what an experience the last srven years have been. Mr. Sutter by popular demand you must come back with something else by you. ANYTHING thank you

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  104. I am devastated that its over in total shock! BEST SHOW ON TV..
    To the cast Thank You all for all your hard work I am going to miss you and the show! To Jax your AMAZING and you have huge fans in Pleasanton Ks we love you!!

  105. Sad to see the Ride come to an end…I feel empty now. I would like to see if the series would go to the box office and possible pick up where Nero, Wendy, able, Thomas went to the farm and pick up the story line from club. Where Wendy finds out what happened to Jax after the last romp, Revisit the club where the violence has settled and maybe Nero hooks up with Wendy and makes a better life for themselves…What do you all think???

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  107. Well boys, it was an emotional roller coaster for seven long years. You kept me on my toes Mr. Sutter, and for that I appreciate you. I’d like too thank you for making me feel like I was a part of something I’ve never been associated with…ever, both an MC or a group of badasses that treated each other like family. You made me feel as tho if I tuned in every week I was part of your crazy, exciting, violent, misleading family. I truly hope I turn on the tube one day, and hear the sweet guitar pick, followed by “Ridin thru this world…all alone….” And find that you have come up with some sort of sequel or prequel to your amazing piece of art. Charlie Hannum, you made me love you and hate you at the same time for several years. The first four we were bros, but then I found my Tara and all she wanted to do was talk about your ass every time we seen it on the big screen lol. That makes a man crazy bro lol. I could say a little something about everyone, but it would take entirely too long, so I’ll say this….I love you, the world loves you, and like the spirit of “Opie”, we all hope to see you again on another fantastic ride! :)

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  113. Come join the murder
    Come fly with black
    We’ll give you freedom
    From the human track
    Come join the murder
    Soar on my wings
    You’ll touch the hand of God
    And He’ll make you king .

    Thank You

  114. first i would like to thank all the fans of sons of anarchy,without us the show would not go from the start to were it ended now,i would also like to thank kurt for his hard work in writing the story lines and keeping it interested and most i would like to thank all the cast,you are superb in how you all pertray your caractors,it made us feel part of the show but more to being realistic,it is a sad day knowing it has ended but ask kurt to write a another story line based on the sons the early days.your a very very true SONS OF ANARCHY FAN

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    A True SOA Fan

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    1. The finale of SOA made me feel dirty for having loved this show.

      What I brought away from the final two episodes, is that both Jax and Gemma were weak, cowardly, and stupid. . He killed Gemma because she told him to, and allowed her, not only to evade her real destiny – surviving to witness all the destruction and having to live with that – but to drag him down into hell with her. Killing his mom, finally made Jax ‘realize’ what a horrible person HE was, and convinced him to kill himself. That sucked.

      But here’s what I thought was worse: Even though a massive lie was responsible for his month-long murder spree, he chooses to perpetuate ANOTHER massive lie, with the assistance of his club, in service to avoiding Mr. Mayhem, and absolving them of the necessity to do this themselves……..but isn’t that what a mayhem vote is all about? The club, doing its own dirty work? But no. He gets to ‘find peace’ on his own terms, and the guys are expected to take a sackful of bullshit to the other charters?

      And hey: if he’s such a “bad man” that he feels the need to off himself, to keep his kids from turning into him, what does that make the rest of them? They’re ALL criminals and killers. Should they all just ride headlong into semis? No – apparently, they should take out half of Stockton, and most of Oakland, and stay in the gun business…..with Jax’s blessing.

      Finally, does anyone REALLY think Wendy is going to be down with characterizing their father as a “bad man, who deserved to die” to those boys?? Expect them to completely forget how much they loved him? And what about Nero makes him a better father figure, if we’re being ‘honest’ ?
      HE’s no angel either.

      I was vastly disappointed with this ending. I expected something along the lines of “The Shield”, and what we got was more like “Thelma and Louise”. Made me want to puke.

      1. If you truly believe what you wrote, you are no true fan of the show nor do you understand Kurt Sutter’s brilliance

      2. Yo kwill dude, take a breath, those are just actors and it’s just a show. A damned good one at that, but it’s pretend.

      3. I was not happy with the ending either, but not for the same reasons. I thought Jax’s was very selfish taking his whole life with him. He left Abel with no answers to what truly be a life time of questions, without answers. I think Kurt answered all the questions except Abel’s, how does he forget how his mother died, why did Daddy die, and why do I have the ring that says SON. I really think Jax’s had to die, just not without anwserr for Abel.

      4. I didn’t know they did a season7 , just watched it back to back
        The ending was a bit Thelma an Louise but warwpped it all up nicely if albeit sadly .
        Been part of my viewing for 7 years

  144. I feel empty now. My daughter turned me on to this show, and I fell in love with all the actors. Tuesday night was my night for the TV at 9: pm. I told my husband not to bother me. Now he has his TV back on tues nights. And buy the way I am 76 yrs ole and will be 77 on 12/23. Thank you for a show I really enjoyed.

  145. Thankyou soo much for the roller coaster of emotions this show has given us.We as fans have invested in these characters and they are like family.Kurt your an amazing writer and your choice of actors is amazing it truly felt like we were part of the story.You all will truly be missed .Thankyou again for the ride it was awesome.much love to all.

    1. Loved the show. Will miss it very much. Would love to see more shows like this one. All the actors were excellent in there roles. Good luck in whatever you do next. I know it will be great

  146. Just thinking about it makes me wanna cry :_( It will always be teller Tuesday for me! Xoxoxoxo I love you guys!

      1. Just want to thank the cast and Kurt for a wonderful 7 seasons i to have already started to re watch the shows it was such an emotional roller coaster but now its over i feel like i lost family god bless u all and really hope you come up with another one soon Kurt
        Love and miss u all

        1. There’s a pain in my chest. Watched every episode n baught the series. Don’t understand how one can have the best show ever n so many fans wanting the show to continue n it comes to an end. Still Tryn to recover from it. Thanks for 7 seasons. I got faith something else is coming

          1. I agree!!!! It was the best series on TV. I miss it already. I hope Kurt comes up wit something as good to replace it if possible.

    1. Great ending. I am still reeling. Love that Jax like a teenage girl. Feeling the loss like the death of a friend, grieving.

    2. They have been a part of my life for 7 years. when they were done with a season i would go back and rewatch all of them until the new season started…We love you S.O.A…& Jax you have the best looking back view ever!