Inside Sons of Anarchy’s Final Ride: The Last Day

final episode soa 450
Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller – Photo credit: Youtube Screenshot

The series finale of Sons of Anarchy was one hard blow to the fans, but the cast and crew took the hardest hit of all. Can you imagine being on the set the very last day of shooting? This behind the scenes footage of the last day on the set of Sons of Anarchy is a real tear jerker.

The cast and crew of Sons of Anarchy have been working together for seven years and over that time have become a family, so saying goodbye to each other and their characters has taken a toll on all of them.

During the cast interviews on the last day each actor talks about their favorite keepsakes they are planning to take away from the set of Sons of Anarchy. Charlie Hunnam says he wants to keep the SO-NS rings and his leather cut. Kim Coates would like to keep his Harley-Davidson, but those are being shipped back to Harley. Theo Rossi, always the joker, wants to keep Mark Boone’s Elvis costume. What do they do with 7 years of props? I have heard that they are going to be doing auctions for most of the items.

What would you want from the set of SOA? Check out the behind the scenes footage from the final day on the set of Sons of Anarchy and leave your answer in the comments.




  1. I want the whole cast to kno how much I miss watchin a new episode every day! U all were amazing! Way to go Kurt Sutter for makin the world miss so many people cuz of 1 show n makin every1 cry at the end! We will always want more!

  2. I saw only 1 1/2 episodes, one with old prez in jail (1/2). And then I watched the ONE, the 2nd to last episode. I immediately signed up for netflix and spent the next 24 hours totaly hooked! How did this writer and these actors pull me over to the dark side, pull my sympathy, sadness, tears even vengence!…Instantaneously, at first viewing, I was drawn into the SOA experience as to have been wearing my own ‘cut’. My son, my mom, my twisted sense of entitlement and vengence.
    WTF? SOS had me at hello!
    The best of the best. Every cast member, writer, director, even the set became real. Bravo SOA! Clearly it had to end exactly when it did to stay true to its integrity but sad my Biker days have ended… 5 stars!!! …**Still hankerin for a little Jax…yummo! LOL