Charlie Hunnam’s Final Farewell To Jax Teller

Charlie on Conan O'Brien Show.
Charlie on Conan O’Brien Show.

After “Sons of Anarchy,” Charlie went back to the set to have a teary goodbye to the character he loved to play so much.

Charlie Hunnam played the lead role of Jax Teller on the FX series Sons of Anarchy since 2008. Charlie refers to his time on the show as the “best creative experience” of his life and feels “joy and gratitude” for being apart of the show. The hardest part has been saying goodbye to his character Jax Teller.

Attached to his character for seven years, Charlie says he feels like it’s the right time to let it all go. Just a few days after the show came to an end Charlie took a couple hours to go back and visit the set of Sons of Anarchy in Hollywood, California for his final farewell to Jax Teller. As the set was being torn down, he took time to reflect on the experiences, friendships, and memories he made during his seven years on the show.

Check out the video below to hear more about the emotional day Charlie Hunnam visited the set after the finale:

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  1. I will miss jax and the sons of anarchy show this bites since they are ending the series finale ah man dang nam it I love this show and I will miss it. Best wishes to sons of anarchy I love watching your show its awesome hopefully in the future u may want to make a movie out of it but who knows. Godbless

  2. Biggest fan my husband & I ! So sad it’s all coming an end ! One of the greatest series I have ever seen ! Garunteed to watch it over & over. #obssessed with Jay Teller ! Thank you all for a great ride !

  3. I was wondering if I could have a autograph from the cast for my 8 year old son he was severely mauled by a doberman, He has had several surgeries to try and reconstruct his head the dog ate his scalp all the way down to his skull. He watches your show all the time. He wants us to buy him a vest so he can be like jax.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that happened to your son…..but do you really think it’s appropriate to let him watch this show. It Cleary states at the beginning and after every commercial that it shows Graphic nudity, horrible language and GRAPHIC violence, he’s 8, I won’t let my 16 year old watch it. Just my opinion.

    2. I’m sorry … But your 8-yr-old watches SOA? I will not even allow my 14-yr-old watch the show! Just sayin …

    3. What is the matter with you. Are you mentally handicapped or just a really bad parent? People like you are the reason the world is going to hell. I hope your kid doesn’t grow it to shoot up his school. And if you’re to dumb understand why letting him watch that is bad you should not be able to raise any child.

    4. why would you even let your 8 year old watch this?? I’m sorry he was mauled by a doberman, but I don’t think a show like this is appropriate for an 8 year old!