Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Promo Pictures

FX has unveiled a number of promotional pictures (via in anticipation of the final season of Sons of Anarchy. Judging by the serious expressions on their faces, it looks like the remaining members of SAMCRO are in for some very dark times ahead.



  1. Love love love the show. Gemma is a strong women looking out for her family an club she has a price to pay for a f – ed up mistake. Jax will come up glued an all hell will break loose. Juice has killed himself an didn’t pull the trigger. . Lol hate to see the season end. Love that show.

  2. Sorry to this amazing show end! My Tuesday nights will never be the same! I hope Gemma pays for all she’s done! Jax, Bobby and Tibbs will still be the ones alive!!

  3. Jax did not find out about Gemma and Juice yet, but he will!
    As far as who dies, it better NOT be Jax, Happy or Chibbs!

  4. Mommy dearest GEMA will die once JAX finds out that GEMA killed the love of his life his wife Tara
    JUICE will die along side of GEMA as we all know JAX knows the truth that JUICE helped mommy dearest by covering it up and hideing the evidence and keeping GEMA secret instead of going to JAX with the truth and telling him that mommy dearest killed TARA his wife and mother of his boys

  5. I think it will be Jax, Gemma and Bobby left, sad to see this fantastic show end..
    Been a fan since day one!!!