Sons of Anarchy Fan Art Contest – Cast Your Vote!

Sons of Anarchy Fan Art Contest Vote

Who will be crowned fan favorite in our first ever Sons of Anarchy Fan Art Contest? The judges have selected their top 10 contestants and now it’s up to you to decide!

Sons of Anarchy Fan Art Contest Voting Rules:

  • To cast your vote, scroll down to the blue box below, select the bubble next to the title of your favorite piece of artwork and then click ‘vote’.
  • Voting will begin at 12 p.m. on Friday, June 20 and close at 12 p.m. on Friday, June 27.
  • Fans can vote once per day, so make sure to visit the SOA Fanatic blog daily!
  • Contest results will be announced on Monday, June 30.

The winner of the Sons of Anarchy Fan Art Contest will receive a special feature here on the SOA Fanatic blog and a Sons of Anarchy prize pack that includes a Sons of Anarchy t-shirt, hat, koozie and rubber bracelet. Thank you  for helping us make this tough decision and good luck to all of our contestants!

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  1. I’ve been reading all your mean comments about me and my drawing. I wasn’t going to answer because you all have a right to express what you think but I felt like I had to defend myself. I can accept you don’t like the drawing, but there’s no need to insult me. As you can see I’m not going to win, and instead I’ve been respectful with all the participants in the contest, and all of you. I just asked for votes and people gave them to me. That’s not a crime. For me, in my opinion, the winner should be Bozidar Tanasilovic and he is not winning, I even asked friends to vote him and some of them did it, as I did.
    When Joe Klein wins, because he will, obviously, I will congrat him because I know how to lose. And that’s ok. It’s just a contest. It’s true that my drawing was CRAP, like some of you said, and I’ve done better artwork than that. What you don’t know is that drawing is just a sketch.
    You can see a few of them in here if you want to (, and then, you can criticize my art.

    All participants made a great artwork in their own way. Keep on going!

  2. I can’t believe “ON THE RUN” isn’t doing better today in the votes. Brad nailed Jax’s facial expression. Opie is getting more pity votes than anything because seeing him brings up sad memories…. and GEMMA….doesn’t look like her at all. Had to read the title to figure out who it was suppose to be….thought maybe it was a Kara Kara girl.LOL

  3. I commend anyone who has the talent to do artwork like this. That being said…I don’t think the one of Gemma looks like Gemma and can’t understand how it has as many votes as it does. Does this girl have that many friends?? Furthermore…I would want to win on merit not friends votes…but thats just me.

  4. The Gemma one is one of the WORST ones. I think detail wise and Overall best one is the JUICE one.

  5. I think people are not voting for what I think is the best because of his character on the show. This is a talent contest people.

  6. Joe, you are so right!!! You know what’s up bc you are a true artist, & it shouldn’t be you and that chick running a close race at all!!! It should be you & Brad in my opinion!!! As I said b4, I know alot of great artists that can drawl anything with the exception of faces! I know a few that can drawl side views aswell but, cant do a full on frontal view!! I have art work in my home done by a badass artist! He can draw anything and even do carving of anything you want

    1. However, he can’t do faces! This Brad guy deserves to be in the running! The Gemma drawing should NOT be!!!!

  7. There should be another contest with a one vote policy in my opinion there are pieces on here better than mine i.e. Brad Newlin and they arent getting the recognition deserved for the talent they have displayed

    1. Im with you when your right, Gemma on crack shouldn’t win just because she has friends, I got you on this one

  8. Detail in the face is whats getting my vote!! I don’t uderstand how this chick is in the lead either…they all have talent or wouldn’t have made it this far but, I’ve been around alot of great artists that can drawl anything they look at with the exception of faces… So in my opinion, if you can drawl a face with great detail than you are one hell of an artist!! I don’t know how others choose to vote but, i agree…something isn’t right here!!!!

  9. I’m sorry I’m busting my ass to gain votes, because I want to win. I don’t think making a campaign and asking for votes it’s against the rules, just like the guy who’s right behind me.

    1. Pretty sure you should be judged on talent not how many people you can have vote for you threw campaigning ….. ask your friends to just vote on the best and not to just vote for you… Thats a slacker way to win.. Its an art contest not a see how many people I know that I can get to vote for me contest….Smh, but hey if sayin your winning cause you campaign harder rather than your more talented suits you by all means have at it…

      1. Just as I said ART CONTEST NOT POPULARITY! I didnt vote for either in the lead. Js. I voted based on artistic quality

    2. I agree! Yes, you want to win…but, so does everyone else that entered this contest! “Working your ass off” to gane votes isn’t winning! There’s nothing wrong with having friend’s that support you but, it seems that you are going way beyond friend support!!! Blatantly you just don’t deserve to win. Your detail is very limited compared to the others & you as an artist know this! If you win, its not going to be because you are the better artist or had more talent, and as Larry said above if thats ok with you then do what you gotta do! However, noone else is going to give your drawing the same respect as you give it…so when or if you do win, don’t be expecting a very big round of applause! Most people enter these contests bc they value and take pride in there work and simply want broder recognition…those people are the real winners here!

    3. I agree with everyone, this is an ART contest, I will be sharing this link on about 10 very popular facebook pages, and for the love of the goddess I hope Joe or Brad win… At least their art doesn’t look like Gemma on crack…. Just saying

  10. Are you serious??? not a popularity contest??? Then please explain to me why the obvioulsy worst entry of all is in the lead… There is something kinda suspect about this contest and or the female who entered that picture.. Every other entry is better than hers but she still leads… and with a hell of a jump in two days… I think your website nneds to check this out because clearly this looks rigged from the publics stand point……

  11. Looking at the detail in each picture closely and the various techniques and mediums used the voting hardly seems fair. My opinion the nicest picture done was not only a harder medium to use, the detail is great, and yet he has one of the lowest votes. Smh! On what basis are you placing your votes? By the talent of each artist? The techniques used? The quality of each piece? Your favorite charicters? Or the fact that the artist’s are or are not soliciting your votes and your voting repeatedly from numerous accounts. That doesn’t make for a very fair competition! It is an ART contest NOT a POPULARITY contest!