Music from Sons of Anarchy – Tara’s Lullaby


As heard on season 6 of Sons of Anarchy. Titled “Lullaby For a Soldier (Arms of the Angels)” sung by actress Maggie Siff who plays Tara in the show. Maggie blew me away with this one, she sounds just like an angel. What did you think of the tragic Sons of Anarchy season finale? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Lullaby For A Soldier Lyrics:

May your dreams bring you peace in the darkness,
May you always rise over the rain.
May the light from above always lead you to love,
May you stay in the arms of the angels.
May you always be brave in the shadows
till the sun shines upon you again.
Hear this prayer in my heart
and will ne’er be apart,
May you stay in the arms of the angels.

May you hear every song in the forest
and if ever you lose your own way;
Hear my voice like a breeze
whisper soft through the trees.
May you stay in the arms of the angels
May you grow up to stand as a man, love
with the pride of your family and name.
When you lay down your head
for to rest in your bed,
May you stay in the arms of the angels.

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  1. This was definitely the most disturbing event of all seasons. I was really bummed when Opie was killed, but nothing like watching Tara die such a horrible death.

  2. I can not believe how this season ended. I cried and cried and was in AWWWW of the final episode. Gemma needs to pay for what she did, and now those boys wont have their parents, but grow up with the monster that killed their mom. That is not a way to be raised or to go out on the season.

  3. BEAUTIFUL! What support for our troops that fight the battles for the USA! As for Tara, Opie, Clay……Season 7 should be how the club started and everyone came to join! And then in Season 8 be the finish of Jax fighting his cases! And the Club riding off in the Sunset!

  4. I am going to miss Tara Please keep Maggie on the show as visions in Jax’s mind in how he takes care of their kids and memories to help his revenge keep tara only as Jaxs angel in his mind that song makes her sound like the angel keep Maggie as Tara’s ghost

  5. It was an awful ending, I just knew Gemma would do it. Gemma, who tried to kill off Wendy in series one, is now encouraging Wendy to have the boys!? All the best are gone: Halfsac, Opie, Juice and Tara. Kinda think 7 series is too long, it’s losing it’s value.

  6. It sucked Gamma better not get the kids and she needs to be found out she can’t keep getting away with it

  7. I was shocked I cried like it was someone in my family.I know life ain’t a fairy tale but I don’t think it should had went down like that. I’m just wondering how next season will be… the scene with jax holding tara was very emotional. Wish it was just a bad dream….

  8. Tara was a liar to Jaxon and she betrayed him. It was horrible the way she died but Gemma was a loose gun and went off the deep end for that short while. I think Juice will take the hit for this to redeem himself to Jax until the truth will eventually come out. Love the show!

  9. So devastating. It was an amazing season but I HATE that Tara was taken out of the mix. Gemma will never get caught cause Juice covered for her and Juice is on the outs cause of what Jax said to him… Now Jax will be blamed for the murders cause he dropped his gun by the cop and that’s what they saw in the end… The gun with his prints on it… PLEASE make the whole thing with Tera a nightmare they wake up from!

  10. Nobody is coming back! That was the final season! Real fans have already done their home work and know what’s up… The writer/director/producer, Kurt Sutter, who also played Otto in the show has been in talks of a prequel, not sequel. However, this will not happen for a few years. Sorry to burst your bubbles. But, the prequel will date back to when the club first started, and will feature JT and the rest of the club cast.

  11. Devastated still! The character Tara, was struggling to break the cycle so the children could survive and psycho bitch went crazy on her. My heart is broken for Jax, giving up his freedom so this could happen only to have the boys become orphans and thrown back into chaos.
    I love this show and have NEVER missed an episode. The ensamble has a great dynamic. Kurt Sutter rocks as a writer and as a character in this program.

  12. I have been waiting for two deaths…clay and Tara. Great job SUTTER. They were great endings to a chapter.

  13. WOW! Wasn’t happy at all about Tara being killed, esp since her and Jax had made up! And now Jax is going to prison and of course, Gemma will have the boys! I cried and cried and can still see the ending of Tara being killed by Gemma! Now what is Jax gonna do? I have to say it was an awesome, exciting edge of your seat finale and I’ve watched since the beginning. My all time FAVORITE show!!! LOVE SOA!!! You all rock! :)

  14. Intense, shocking and surprising throughout the finale especially the last 10 mins. Kinda had a feeling Tara was at her end but not anywhere remotely to the way it ended. Had me on my toes the whole time….and THAT my friends is a Great Series! Just don’t know how it’s producers, writers and all concern can top this series up to now, but if there is, bring on Round 7, approaching and waiting. One hell of an outstanding RIDE!

  15. I was stock to see how Tara had to die by Gemma!!! They need to bring back Tara as a ghost for the last season, so she can with Emma mind for killing her….

  16. I was stock to see how Tara had to die by Emma!!! They need to bring back Tara as a ghost for the last season, so she can with Emma mind for killing her….

  17. Stunning, heart wrenching, SAD :( Sort of interested to see what Jax does now, he must learn the truth and Gemma needs to be the one to tell him! Wouldn’t that just be a kick in the nuts! Holy Cow…and Juice…never saw that coming from him….nothing he could do for Tara, not sure what Jax is gonna do with that….WOW, just WOW!!!! Kurt my head is spinning….what an amazing mind you have. No Cinderella story here, not yet, I just hope Jax can give the boys a better life…before he’s dead and they end up in some crappy foster care home or in some other hell whole… :(

  18. I was soo aggravated how yal gonna end like that! jax is gonna kill Gemma when he finds out what happened!!! why and how are yal gonna kill Tara off its just not right after her and jax made up :( and juice coverin for her! HE SHOULD BE THE ONE KILLED OFF he isn’t nothing but a two face!!

  19. never expected that to end the season…but Gemma is the queen…evil she may be but the queen she will always be….

  20. this last show was a tearbuster and also wanted to stab gema. no one deserves to die like that. and I know it is only a show, but have been so into it for so long it is like they are all family. Sutter you are a great writer! will want to see the executioner show . Keep up good work and cant wait till next season.

  21. Gemma Needs to pay for what she’s done. She is always going off half cocked. And Juice? What the hell was that. Is he trying to prove him self to Jax? To late for that. why was it so easy to kill the cop but he is struggling with the girl. UGH!! Just doesn’t make any since. My Husbands answer is the Director told them to do it. LOL, i guess but still.

    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

  22. She isn’t coming back … She’s pregnant in real life.
    I was so shocked by her death, I never really saw it coming. I will miss her. I loved the dynamic between her and Jax. In a small way I’m kind of glad that there is only one season left, not because it’s not a great show but because the show just won’t be the same with out her. And I CAN’T WAIT until Jax finds out it was Jemma that killed her!

  23. I hated having Tara killed off. That doesn’t mean that it’s not great drama and television. It’s simply that I loved Tara and she was one of the few “redeeming” characters for the show at times. That was the last straw for me with Gemma. I find her no more sympathetic than I found Clay at the end. I can’t remember the last time I actually grieved over a tv show or movie, but Tara’s death actually caused grief for a bit. This remains, unquestionably in my mind, the best drama on television.

  24. I have followed as much as possible SOA since it beginings, don’t know how it will be like now that Tara was killed off. As for who had the worst death, we’ve seen Jaks action from Ope’s death, what can we expect now that Tara was killed. I think Gemma as gone too far, I can hardly wait for the espiode where Jaks finds out who actually killed Tara. Love the show, characters, action and suspense.

  25. Kurt Sutter ur amazing.Love love love SOA. Have watched frm the beginning.Thank you and all the actors for making my Tuesday nights worth staying up late. Hate Opie and Tara are gone now and cant wait till season 7 gets here. Please just keep on going with SOA. Theres enough where it never has to end and with ur brilliant mind you are the one to do it. SOA has kept me laughing,crying at the same time.Man there has never and never will be another show as good as SOA. Merry Christmas to you all and again THANKS!!!

  26. Love the sound track, love everything about the show. Still upset about Tara’s (Maggie’s) death, but hey my hubby still isn’t over Opie’s death either. Love everyone on the show! You guys have done that GREAT of a job! Thank You so much Sons of Anarchy cast, crew, EVERYONE for the best series Ever!!! Kurt I hope you can push for more than just 7, if not we’ll be looking forward to what you do next!

  27. I suppose i get the reasoning behind Sutter doing what he did but it still upset me. I understand he had Tara killed off in such a violent way because he was going by Gemma’s crazy character. It didn’t make it any easier though. I for one did not want to see her killed off because I understood why she did everything she did. Maybe it’s because I’m a mother myself and i understand the need to protect my children no matter what. The kids are suffering more than anyone else now. I think there could have been a great story line with Tara being Jax’s backbone for the future struggles. I am very disappointed that she wad killed off I think Gemma should be killed off she’s not really good for much Tara could have taken that roll. All feelings aside i am still a huge SOA fan and nothing will change that.

  28. I absolutely love this song and her voice! It makes that very heart breaking finale even more overwhelming!!!! They all did such a great job acting this out made it feel so real, just tore my heart out!!!!

  29. I really just got into watching SOA this year. I caught up on all the other seasons on Netflix . I’m hooked. Tara dying is horrible. Kind of confused about Juice being at the murder scene. It seems like Jax is becoming more hateful and out of control. He needs to find his heart and reason again. Of course it’s extremely over the top that all the Sons are in fifty Gun battles a week and usually make it out alive. I don’t care love you Sons. Its not a dream that Tara was murdered. They had her, Gemma and Sutter on a show after the last episode. SOA forever!

  30. What a devastating season finale, I cried like a baby throughout. The show has lost one of it’s best main characters, I can’t wait until next season, I hope Gemma gets what’s coming to her!!

  31. I think Kurt Sutter has two more shows that need to be told…. First we need to go back to the beginning when John Teller, Piney and Clay came back from Viet Nam and started SOA… there is so much we still don’t know, like how did John Tellers first son die? I have a ton of questions about the early days….how did Jax and Tara meet? how was she strong enough to walk away from him to go to medical school? then we need to do a second show that starts with Jax and Tara’s boys grown up and reading Jax’s journal and they need to go to the grave yard and figure out how all those people ended up dead? and work our way back to how lossing Tara and Jax cost them. What about Opie and Donnas boys? I feel like no matter what happens in season 7 I am going to be left with more questions than answers…

  32. I can’t hear this enough. I want it on my Ipod. I wish the song was longer. I hope someone grabs Maggi and encourages her to record more music. Beautiful voice

  33. I think Kurt Sutter is a genius!!! He should start a new SOA series after season 7, but go back to the beginning when John Teller, Piney and Clay came back from Viet Nam and started SOA… culminating in the murder of John Teller. Go through the early history of the club… I hate to think that next year is the last for SOA

  34. I was totally in shock on how this season ended. I think there was still more of the Tara and Jax story to be told. Maggie Siff is an awesome actress and played the part well. With Kurt killing most of the major characters, it’s going to be interesting to see how Season 7 is going to start. I think Jax will find out that Gemma killed his wife and he won’t ever forgive her for it and Juice killing the Sheriff in order to protect Gemma won’t sit well with him either. Don’t know when the final season is going to start, but I’m hoping things will come full circle for Jax and I hope Gemma gets hers. I’m also hoping that maybe Kurt will change his mind and continue with SOA instead of canceling it. I think there are a lot more plots to be told.

  35. I finally watched the last episode yesterday… I’m still a little weepy. I did NOT see that coming at all. I know it’s not likely… but I’d love it if it was all just a bad dream…

  36. Was totally blown away by what Gemma did to Tara but I had a feeling that’s what Kurt was gonna do for the finale. Juice is in way over his head now by helping Gemma clean up the mess. I think Jax will find out and kill them both before the end of the final season coming up

  37. Tara should of never died it should of been jax’s mom instead now I don’t even want to watch the show anymore! I think he made a really bad choice and will lose a lot of fans by doing so!!!

  38. What will become of the boys? Not one person involved in their lives is fit to be a strong, loving, parent. The MC is violent, whoremonging, foul mouthed MEN. and Jax is their leader. just because he loves the boys, doesn’t make him a good parent. Gemma is a whore, a violent, mc bitch, who murdered their mother. Wendy is a junkie and too weak to be a mother….I love them all(the characters, except for Gemma) but parents? c’mon! I just hate that Gemma will most likely get away with what she has done, being married to the show’s creator is pretty much a job security…I do however hope she goes to prison and is cell mates with a big, loud, con that makes gemma her bitch……….

  39. Omg. When this player during the show….the tears flowed. Tara….Tara…Tara… man. I was BLOWN away. I’ve had a hard time with you this year…I wanted you and Jax just a happy couple in love even through the crap. And when you started to turn I was mad as hell. When you started to make a deal I was like Jax needs to take care of you.. die. And then Gemma killed you. It was a vicious…. nasty… hateful death. I knew when she was driving g she was going to kill you. I was like NOOOOOOOOO!!! They just worked it out!!! It made me sad that Jax was going to turn himself in. I cried during that scene too. I thought to myself you know ain’t that life. Just when you think everything is figured out….something always creeps in to ruin it. But that was love for Jax to sacrifice his freedom so that Y O U were safe and could be a mom to those boys….and now their mom is gone… so freaking sad. But dude. You effed a lot of people over and Jax showed you grace. I guess that should tell you things aren’t always as they seem. Your song is beautiful and very fitting for Tue season finale. So sad to see you go Tara.

    I just hope they do not pin this on Jax. I bet they will. It looked like they were going to. Jax didn’t sign anything for turning himself in. So… it’s going to he interesting next season… poor Tara. What a wicked way to go….(but you aren’t innocent…. what a wicked web you weaved)

    1. I was down an entire day and kept saying to my husband man.. Tara is dead… like I can’t wrap my head around that!

  40. I hope it is all a dream or that she is in a coma. I didn’t like the sneaky stuff she did but at the same time I don’t know of any mother that wouldn’t move heaven and earth to protect their children, especially when you know that their grandma was ok with her lover killing her husband.
    I really like the fact that Tara and Jax found each other again before she was killed. I really hope that there is a somewhat happy ending for Jax in that he gets to raise his sons.

  41. I’m also hoping in season 7 that jax wakes up out of a horrible nightmare about tara mean while tara is sleeping right next to jax with a big smile then the nightmare that jax has will give jax an idea on how he can leave the club without hurting anyone else including himself.

  42. Knew it was coming. Fantastic. Sutter you didn’t miss a beat. That’s what the show is about. Shock value. Next season, of coarse Jax finds out Kilda juice and then Gemma I the same manner

  43. How can people say she deserved it ??? She was a mother trying to protect her sons from the same lifestyle that she has seen brings nothing but death and even jax agrees thats why hr was willing to turn himself in ……gemma has done nothing but kill people her son loved thats not love i hope the truth comes out and she gets whats coming to her by jax hand … her grandkids will have no mother just like her son had no father because of her

    1. It’s a show. This isn’t Mayberry. Tara knew what she was doing when She came back to Jax. She knew what the Sons were about and She knew if she left what would happen. Just saying

      1. Because she was so much in love that she didn’t know what to do. She was trying to protect her kids and Jax… She finally found out that he was never going to stop. She always had that little bit of faith that he would do the right thing and get out. But YES it’s a show… I love it very much, and hate to see it end. I have watched it from day one.

  44. I was just highly disappointed in the last episode. Taras death took too much from the show. I have watched it since episode 1, but now, I will still watch it, but not with as much enthusiasm as I felt about it. It don’t even matter now if I miss and episode. Sutter, you pretty much ruined the program for a lot of people, so don’t expect the out come of the last season (7), to be what the other seasons were.

  45. At first Tara was getting on my nerves doing sneaky traitor stuff, but now I feel so bad for Jax and sad for Tara, all she wanted was to get her children away from the bulls**t, RIP Tara, I just wanted Jax to have a new love interest who was down for him, cuter, younger and a bad ass, but I never wanted this for you, I never wanted this :(

  46. I was very sad to see Tara killed at the end and I hope Gemma knows that it is going to come bite her in the ass at somepoin tin time ,i just can’t wait until next season to see what happens to Jax .i reall hated to see him like that all lsot and broken.I was never a fan unrtil my son had me started taping them for him and now I am hooked. Sje sings likean angel and I would definitely like all the sound tracks froemall the shows . Good wok Sutther.

    1. Its based off Shakespeare with obviously modern day setting. The Biker club spin is a good comparrison.

  47. She sings like an Angel and thanks to how the season ended she is a Angel.. was sad to see her die that way, but hope Gemma’s guilt eats away at her…..cant’ wait til next season. I love the show andf hope Jax is stronger from her death.

  48. Loved this show but unfortunetly it has had a steady decline since season 4 kurt has had to constantly kill people to get a rise and the shakespeare dosent play out as good in 2013 like he thought always will watch but i dont expect much from the final season

  49. I knew something was going to happen…but didn’t expect that! So violently & at the hands of Gemma.I was shocked & sad. Kurt Sutter,you are an amazing writer & director! Maggie Siff is an amazing actress & will be missed on the next and sadly last episode. I’m guessing now,Jax is going to completely lose it! I know he will end up dead as well, but not sure by whom. There’s so many possibilities! My first guess would have to be Nero….What am I going to do when the last episode of the last season end’s? I’m going to open S.O.A. season 1 DVD and start from the beginning!
    I have been trying to find the soundtrack,but have had no luck. I sure hope the lullaby Maggie sings is on it as well as the song from Opie’s wake. Both songs are amazing! If not,you need to make another one! Thanks for keeping me on the edge of my seat! Will miss you Tara…R.I.P. xoxo

  50. OMG could not believe that ending it took my breath away. I cried like a baby. Can’t wait for next season to see how it plays out.

    1. I can’t wait to see Gemma get hers!! Hope it is really appropriate for the bitch that she is!! She is a selfish piece of dung!

  51. Wow, Sutter you are amazing – never saw it coming….not from Jemma. What a voice and a beauty too….

  52. brilliance ..sad to see Tara go .but classic s.o.a style people will and always have died..that’s what makes this most amazing show ever written…and I can’t wait to see kurts next show he is working…

  53. What an amazing voice on an amazing actress!!!! Kurt Sutter please make this all a dream I hate that you killed off Tara it has had such a huge impact on the show!!! Her and Jax are the show how do you kill off the main character!!!!

  54. I hate it…can t believe tara s dead…she was so strong ,so in love with jax……i dont know how it will be in the next season…..:(

  55. it was heartbreaking, cried like a baby,hated seeing Jax like that, but loved the love Gemma showed for her son,but will it cost her now. Guess i gotta wait till season 7.
    Thanks for a great show ,never missed a episode…
    Merry Christmas to you all xoxox
    Sinki – Australia

      1. Well she means that the love she showed because she wasn’t told she wasn’t a rat that’s all she knew was that she was running she didn’t know tht everything was ok now she was protecting her family which any mother would do!

        1. Gemma was upset because if Tara had ratted and things went that way, she would never see those grand babies again and for good reason. Gemma is not a thinker. She overreacts all the time. Remember Clay told her on the season 3 finale to not go setting fires? That’s what Gemma does, she sets fires and has no ideal how to put them out. she killed Polly Zoebel and got framed for Eddies murder which in turn got Abel kidnapped and her dumb ass on the run. Polly and her Dad should have paid and would have paid but well Abel got kidnapped and her we are. If they didn’t have to go to Ireland those letters would have never found their way to Jax. Gemma and Clay still married and Tara and Jax none the wiser about JT’s death.

  56. Season 7 opens with someone waking up and realizing that it all was just a horrible nightmare! Please!!! Tara can not go out like that. :(


      1. It tore my heart out! I absolutely hated the way it ended. She finally gets what she wants and is able to stay home with the kids and she and Jax truly love each other and then she is murdered, what the hell? I think it pretty much ended anything that could possibly be happy on the show again. I mean, Jax is going to prison, the Chief is going to blame him for the murders, when he gets out of prison, or before, he’s going to have Jemma killed for Tara’s death. He’s going to kill Juice for helping Jemma, when he finds out about his involvement in the cover up. It’s sad and completely disappointing the way it ended. I’m not sure I even want to see the next season. That was the crappiest ending they could have picked for this season! On the up side, Tara has an Angelic voice and listening to her made me cry.

        1. Jax isn’t going to prison. He was going to give himself up in exchange for Tara’s immunity. Now that she’s dead, the DA has no leverage on him, so he won’t surrender for the gun trade.