Music from Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Finale.

day is gone

As heard on Sons of Anarchy’s heart wrenching  season 6 finale.  This tune will pull on your heartstrings for sure, so suiting for the final episode. Music by Noah Gundersen and The Forest Rangers. Enjoy!

Lyrics Day is Gone

Take it back
I would take it back
For just another minute
Just another chance with you

Give it up
I would give everything up
Every last breath
Every first taste, for you.
Just to make it alright.
Just to make it alright.

But its too late, to go back.
I can see the darkness, through the cracks.
Daylight fading, I curse the breaking.
The day is gone.
The day is gone.

Run away
I ll just run away
like a child
from all them to you…
And now I see
my most constant mistake
is i don’t know what I love till its gone…

But its too late
To go back
And I can see the darkness
Through the cracks
Daylight fading
I curse the breaking.
The day is gone.
The day is gone…

Its too late to go back,
I let the darkness seep through the cracks.
Love is bleeding, I curse my breathing.
The day is gone…
The day is gone…

How did you think this song fit in with the finale “A Mother’s Work”? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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  3. A strong ending for a strong season. We all knew Tara was gonna die but what a surprise that it was being done by Queen Gemma. I cant wait to see what the brilliant Kurt Sutter has plan for the 7th n final season. I am a die hard fan of SOA and I am patiently waiting.

  4. Sutter is amazing. I am repelled by the darkness, but addicted to the plot. He’s a magician who gets you to look one way and misdirects you. Then, when you think you understand the ‘trick’ he pulls something out that you completely did not see coming. Awesome!

  5. I was mad at Tara. You should BE where you are, embrace it. Kids will grow. They’ll find out everything you’re trying to keep from them anyway. It’s sad and terrible. Gemma can’t help her self. She is loyal to her family AND her affiliation with SOA (it’s her LIFE). Did you see how she looked when it was done??? She knew. Knew it was wrong, but so right. Really.
    I think that this statement rings more true here, than I’ve ever heard it said, for any reason, anywhere:
    If I have to explain it….you wouldn’t understand.
    It’s just a tv show, but how the art imitates life….;(

  6. I feel that Tara should have killed Gemma in the struggle. Gemma should be killed in the next season and it will be interesting to see what happens with Juice.

  7. The song says it all. The sad reality of their world…no matter how they handle their lives in the end it can not be taken back. There are too many cracks, to the point of Jema’s moment of insanity and snapping and taking Tara’s life. Nero said it to Jax’s…do you believe in Karma….

  8. Great song, Noah is an Amazing local artist from NW Washington. I first seen him preform as a teenager and he continues to keep getting better. This song is fit perfect.

  9. never heard this song before until this episode and i love it perfect song for ending the season its just a shame how it ended cant wait for next season

  10. It made me Cry so hard it was the perfect song for the ending. I am sad that Tara is gone and that Gemma had a hand in taking another person away from Jax that he loved. She has to be stopped…

  11. love the song i have watched every season . this one i have to say made me feel as though i lost my own family member i still feel they should somehow bring tara back jemma needs to be punished for as the title says a mothers work it should read a mothers web of lies, manipulation and disete. hope they bring her back.

  12. I loved this song!!!! The ending took my breath away!!!!! jax, seeing in tear’s, ,,,, so sadd!!!! German, what a mother will do, especially in Sons, to protect, !!!! I think in that split amount if time geema was justifying her actions, because she thought Tara,,, was a snitch!!!! And had made a deal, with Feds!!!! Sorry Tara died!!! ,,,,, I know how it feels to lose a loved one to a snitch, my ex husband , baby’s father, was snitched on, and still in prison, I can see how you might go some what out of it, if you thought you was in a room with the snitch, who took your lived one!!! Can’t wait for season 7!!!! Love my Sons !!!

  13. wow very good song for the last episode!! brought tears and goosebumps to me!! cant wait till next season LOVE SOA!!!!!!!!!! Charlie is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. The song fit so perfectly, I also cried like a baby!!!!! The Forest Rangers have done a bangin job
    through every season!!

  15. How do you make a 50 year old grumpy biker/truck driver cry. watch Jax holding his wife dead in his arms with that song playing did it.

  16. I can’t help but relive this pain. Kurt was looking for a way to blow our minds and he sure the hell did. Just when you think all would have been good for Jax and Tara, WOW. I’ve definitely have to stop thinking about it. All the music on a CD would be so great!!!

  17. I can’t stand the pain in the song and in the finale, but can’t stop. Just when you see things coming together there is that fork in the road. BEAUTIFUL Song! So fitting.


  19. I thought it was a perfect fit for the show. If everyone listens to what the song has to say. I am certain you can relate to the story it has to tell. I know in my life present and past I can see the picture. Beautiful choice of music. Tells a great story its self. Awesome.


  21. All I can say is WOW!!…the song soared through your heart as the final scenes played out…questioned how Tara’s fate would play out at first so any ways it could have gone down ….I felt real pain during the last scene RIP Tara… Karma is a Biotch Gemma

  22. Great season like always! Perfect song choice for the sad ending. I also cried like a baby. Always have great life lessons to learn, jumping to conclusions before you have all the facts, end result is some actions can not be taken back. Jemma always jumps before she looks!!

  23. It was a really sad episode, you feel jax’s pain like its your own. The song is fitting to this episode. Wish it hadn’t turned out like this…

  24. This song fit the end of the show perfectly — from the time that Jax said he was going to give up everything for his love of his wife and boys and the fact that Gemma caused such a tragic ending to it all — all I could say was WOW! and wipe my tears.

  25. This was the perfect song, the end of the show was hard enough to watch, this song just made it even sadder, I cried like a baby….I have this CD and it’s fantastic…

  26. Very emotional song….my heart breaks for Jax, first his best friend now Tara the mother of his children…. Gemma needs to be the one going to jail, those boys need their daddy…. :(

  27. I believe this song vividly describes the feelings in Jax’s heart. The music feels deep, almost spiritual & the words pull at your heartstrings! So many changes that could have been made earlier to relieve him of this tragedy. I am always on the edge of my seat during SOA, but this one put me over the edge. I cried during the entire ending. Kurt Sutter is amazing & I hope more of this music is to follow next season!

    1. I bawled! With my jaw on the floor! And when jax picked her up and kissed her, and then screamed. Oh my god.

  28. I just hope Patterson does not pin this horrendous , cruel , unnecessary crime on Jax. gemma did this and i hope is caught. This song is perfect for the finale and i cried and i don’t like gemma anymore.

  29. Sutter is AMAZING as well as this perfect song for such an intense and emotional ending. Always on the edge of my seat.

  30. love this song very much i cried and cried i get obsessed with the end songs of every episode till the new ep starts this whole series is just fucking amazing i love it and will never miss a show

  31. Beautiful song for a tragic ending…..I didn’t care for the ending!!!! Jax’s son, Able, his mother’s a junkie, and Thomas’s mother is a doctor, and the Club surely needed her. The junkie’s in rehab and the doc is dead…WTF

  32. Totally love this song, and it was an excellent song choice for the finale. I actually cried at the end, I hate that T is gone. I can kinda relate to the situation she was in, especially protecting her children! Jem, is turning into a complete psychotic bitch… And she was right, I am starting not to like her character. She is one lucky winch! I wonder if Jax is ever going to figure out she was redponsible for the 2-people who admired the most, his father, and his one true love, mother of his kids, & wife. I hope he does, and I hope it comes out soon!

  33. This song was as if it was tailored made for this show/finale episode. Whoever’s in charge of the music on this show needs to get a raised, award or some kind of accolades! Brilliant

  34. Perfect song for this. That scene was a total mind fuck, I couldn’t sleep that night & when I finally did I dreamt this scene as if I were there. How much more can Jax be put through? Nero was right, karma comes back & it pains.

  35. Season 7 is looking like a hell of a ride. Marks will reign down pain on someone and i hope he doesn’t take it out on Sons, but who knows. Jax will likely lose it for a bit when he finds out Gemma killed Tara. Hang on tight when it starts.

  36. This was the most perfect song for the Finale! Cried like a baby!! Best series ever made, Sutter is a fricking genius! All the character are awesome! Love u guys

  37. The song was so fitting to the scenes it was played in. I cried when Jax found Tara. I do wonder how this will affect his relationship with his mom. Gemma will have a hard time explaining this one!!!

  38. The song is was the perfect fit and in its own ways describes the emotional turmoil of the characters. Jax is surrendering hoping to make things right finally, but he finds himself a moment too late, helpless and confused about what went wrong in there. Subconsciously, he is asking himself all those words we hear in this song. Jemma is not too far away from the same guilty thoughts! Feeling helpless about something knowing that you could have done something to change the course of events to have different outcome is one of the worst most powerful feelings which never comes alone, guilt always follows. Those two paired together can easily turn someone’s heart in to stone.That has been the case wt mama Jemma, isn’t it? We all have seen what she has been through.
    This song is basically reality catching up to them, karma catching up, all coming down at the same time.

    1. i read your post twice!! you have a wonderful way of expressing how u feel…i know what i want to say but somehow can never find the right words… thank you for doing it for me…

    2. I agree.. this song does fit so well with the season finale. Tara was running, to protect her boys and get away from the MC. Gemma thought Tara ratted and this was needed to be done. Jax is trying to turn things around to make it right. Like you said, Karma is coming back to make them pay for the mistakes and wrongs they have done in the past. Like the song says, “It’s too late”.

  39. If only Jax would have gotten out sooner it would not have come to this. He can’t go back its too late. Don’t wait to change things there is a point of no return

  40. Church resumes September 9th, 2014 10:00pm. The tunes played on SOA really give the true emotion of the scene. I cried during this one!

  41. This song was so perfect for the season finale. I love it but I can’t help but get teary eyed when I hear it. I loved and hated the finale all in the same breath. It wasn’t a satisfying ending but it definitely keeps me on my toes and ready for the last season. Best show on television!

  42. This show is so awesome. Took me a long time to want to watch it. But when I started I set for 3 days & nights catching up on every season cried & scream at the TV like I have done on so many times before. The song is perfect!!!!!

  43. Love this song. It’s very touching and ” it’s real” From the heart and It’s amazing!
    I Just keep playing it over and over. Can’t wait for the album!

  44. Im amazed at this show perfect song every song thts played in every episode was awsome good job sutter cant wait till season 7.and also cant wait for the soa the begining ….

    1. I am waiting to see what the outcome is when Jax’s find out his mother killed the mother of his kids.I can’t wait till next season to see the outcome. I wonder how long it will be before they come out with it.
      music has always been great on SOA. I’m a biker and I love this music. Hope everybody enjoyed it as much as I do.

      1. This Song Could Not Have Been Better, I felt I lost A Family Member That Night, And The song!!! I Cried Like Baby, You And You Band Are Great, Thank You.

    2. Makes me think about brother an law snitching me to save his but and afterward want to say sorry to late for dat…..Rip to the old us real talk….Didn’t like how show ended can’t wait till next season……