Sons for Sandy and Sons of Anarchy Prequel Series

Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter joined with cast members Katey Sagal (Gemma), Theo Rossi (Juice), and Kim Coates (Tig) in efforts to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy on Sunday in Asbury Park, New Jersey. The group was able to raise over $66,000 for the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund.

Kurt Sutter announced at the event that he’s been discussing plans for a Sons of Anarchy prequel series set in the 1960’s about the original first 9 members of SAMCRO. How cool would that be?

Check out footage from the event below of Katey Sagal covering Bruce Springteen’s “I’m On Fire”

Who’s stoked about the idea of a SOA prequel? Have any ideas for the series? Comment with your ideas below.

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  1. Absolutely! And let’s see more filmed from Ireland. Would be great to how the Euro dark side of SAMCRO originated and how it all comes together. Hurry the hell up!

  2. Agree with ALL the comments posted above! I’m bummed there are only 3 more SOA episodes left for this season. Seems like it went too fast. Kurt is indeed a very unique genius & the SOA prequel idea is just brilliant. PLEASE make it happen!

  3. I would love to know how the whole thing started. This show is amazing it is not only a great action and drama show but it is also a great show to teach you about deals and ways of life and what the decisions you make can affect so many lives I absolutely positively love this show

  4. Anything SOA related is fine by me! I love the show so far, and a another idea to that is great to, because then you can learn more about Gemma/John and how Gemma/Clay decided to plot to kill John

  5. I love the idea of the first 9 however I think the should have a guy on a motorcycle scooter
    I would love to play that guy
    The Fax

  6. I would love to see that prequel it would be nice to put a face to John teller and see everything start and unravel and possibly seeing jax and his brother playing as kids in stoked

  7. Would like to see how Jon and Gemma were with their children. Who raised them? Was she all about them as she is with the grand kids now or were they left with grandparents or other club members during that time.

  8. An outstanding idea and one I am crossing my fingers Sutter follows through on. Gemma and Uncer and what binds them , the story or Gemma and Jon played out , and everything from how the club started to how it became what it is today. Sutter is a crazy kind of brilliant genius and I love his work. I don’t want this show to ever end.

  9. We LOVE SOA at my house. I would like to see the “Original 9″ told from the point of view of JT and his letters to his sons Jax & Thomas. Just a thought. You all make an amazing show & are very talented group of people in your perspective fields.

  10. Its a sensational idea.. watching the turmoil build between John and Gemma, how the devastation of losing their son tore J&G apart.. add in Maureen Ashby and Clay and the betrayal begins! I have to admit, Im more interested to see how Uncer and Gemma relate as “kids”, and what it is that keeps Gemma in Uncers heart.

  11. i would love to see clay gemma and piney younger and how the club came about. And all that lead up to what we have seen so far explain it all i want so see john teller also.and i love to play a role some how.been liveing the biker life stlye my whole life. Any way thanks.

  12. Whatever Kurt Sutter does is Golden , ” The original 9 ” Would be a great send off to ” The son’s of anarchy” He obviously has seen alot of shit in his life to write storylines like this…or maybe he is just a crazy genius ??? But either I am hooked !!!!